Brighten your wallet with a BOV MasterCard Prepaid Card

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Brighten your wallet with a BOV MasterCard Prepaid CardBank of Valletta has just released four new motifs for the BOV MasterCard Prepaid Card, this time related to flowers found around the Maltese islands.

Nature photographer, Guido Bonett was once again the eye behind the lens which captured the beauty of the Crown Daisy, the Caper Plant, the French Daffodil and the Maltese Stocks which have been chosen to feature in this new set of BOV prepaid cards.

The Crown Daisy blooms between July and September. The long-stemmed varieties are 3-4 meters high, but there are also dwarf hybrids with double flowers in stronger colours.

The flowers of the Caper Plant which grow on long petioles between the leaves, are very attractive with white petals and many long purple stamens. Each flower usually lasts only 24 hours however there is a continual opening of flowers along the stalk. Capers, which are produced by the caper plant have become part of our Mediterranean diet along with olives and grapes.

The French Daffodil, better known as Narcis in the Maltese language, is a perennial type of plant with flowers that bloom between November and March. This plant has become protected locally due to its shortage when it used to be collected to be sold in large bunches.

The Maltese stocks, known as Gizi ta’ Malta since it is not found growing wild in any other country, is widespread throughout our islands similar to our national plant the Maltese centaury or Widnet il-Bahar.

The bank said that the “BOV MasterCard Prepaid Card offers you the advantage of obtaining the card immediately – no processing time is involved in the process.” These cards are available in different denominations of €50, €75, €100 and €150 and may be obtained from any BOV branch. Card balances may be verified through any BOV ATM or by calling BOV’s Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020.

Full details about the BOV MasterCard Prepaid Cards, including the relevant terms and conditions are available online at

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