35 people & 4 dogs collect 30 bags of rubbish on Gozo hike

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35 people & 4 dogs collect 30 bags of rubbish on Gozo hikeThe Gozo-Clean & Green hike started from Kercem church on Sunday and the large group of volunteers made their way to Dwerja, picking up over 30 bags of recycling along the way.

Organiser Louis Debattista said, “35 volunteers joined us on Sunday, our best turnout ever! It was an international group, it was so good to see the two Gozitan families who joined us this week, one from Ghajnsielem (the four kids go to Qala School) and one from Gharb. There were people from Spain, two American families, and a German father and daughter, a new guy from Holland, an Englishman, 4 dogs, but no donkeys!”35 people & 4 dogs collect 30 bags of rubbish on Gozo up hikeLouis thanked the heads of Qala School and Gharb School “for helping him to get the message out about the clean-up hikes.”

“I thank God for who I am and where I am. I thank God for what I have and see and for the strength he gave me. I thank God for all the kids, friends and family who have become such a wonderful community,” Louis said.

“So God please help people understand they need to stop trashing the environment and care for what you created,” Louis added, “Give the Ministers and people that work with them the motivation and energy to make responsible laws, enforce them and to be good stewards themselves and good examples. We need a miracle here!”

Louis thanked the Munxar and Kercem Local Councils for providing bags, gloves, hand wipes and transport. “Together as Gozo-Rocks! Clean & Green we all made a big difference.”

“There is an American family, who have been amazing team members on the hikes,” Louis said, they wrote a message about Sunday’s hike, “another successful trash hike today…Kercem to Dwejra! So fabulous to have such a large group; it’s always nice to meet new people!

“Lovely time…although sadly a lot to clean up along our route. Feels great making a difference though! Sunshine, fresh (windy) air, exercise and a cleaner Gozo. Always a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks to our ever cheerful and fearless leader Gozo-Greyhounds Louis! You are the man!”

The next Gozo-Rocks! Clean & Green Hike will be in approximately 4 weeks time.

For further information on any of the hikes please contact the organiser Louis Debattista through the Gozo-Greyhounds facebook page, or call him on 99609845.

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    19 Responses

    1. Martin langford says:

      Well done to all who took part. Let’s hope everyone takes note and puts their rubbish in the bin instead having children clear up after them.i think everyone should make a point of saying something to people when they are throwing rubbish where they should not.embarrass these people or fine them.

    2. Louis says:

      Thank you and yes I agree. Government or eco Gozo like I have been saying from the day we started this Gozo Rock Clean & green hikes from the first week of January 2014 needs to put up signs NO TRASHING OR DUMPING with fines as well. All the Hikes that we have been doing every Sunday is a 4 to 5 hour hikes which the Kids & Grown-ups are enjoying every step we take. Yes its a bit of work for all off us, but something needs to be done. Thank you again.

    3. James A. Tyrrell says:

      It’s amazing what you come across on Gozo. Last October I was at Mgarr-ix-Xini and decided to climb up the path and walk around by the tower. I went on past the tower and was watching some divers on a boat when I saw something on the rocks. I went across to see what it was and found a car battery! Who in their right mind would dump a car battery in an isolated spot like that?

    4. Louis says:

      Yes we have came a cross 2 batteries, 1 computer and 2 TV plus from the last 4 months Hiking from Qala to Dwejra. ITs a shame. but thank you I hope you can join us someday. Next one will be from Dwejra to Charb. Take care

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Next time I’m over I will certainly contact you Louis as I would love to help out.

    5. eliza says:

      Is hiking and walking still considered dangerous in Gozo because of strays?

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        What sort of strays? Never had a problem with strays of any description. People with guns are a different matter.

      • Eliza says:

        Just be careful because like you I always wanted to walk from one village to the other and avoid taking the bus and I was always told not too because wild stray animals that tend to travel in packs sometimes attack.This is still the case because I read about this in Gozo happening last summer only this time the strays attacked and killed sheeps. People with guns are also a horrible problem because a bullet can ricochet.

    6. David High says:

      That sounds dreadful. I hadn’t heard about it. Where and when did it happen?

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        There were a number of sheep killed in the Mgarr area in 2012 by dogs but I certainly never heard of people being attacked. Sounds more like a story put out by hunters who don’t want you disturbing their ‘hobby.’ I know around where I live there have over the years been attacks on sheep by dogs but if anyone tries to approach these dogs they certainly don’t get attacked themselves as the dogs run away.

    7. Eliza says:

      My parents were both born and bred in Malta, and I can assure you that they were not made up stories. Its just common sense that if sheep can get attacked, so can humans

    8. David High says:

      Of course, it’s the dogs I feel sorry for. One can only hope that the people who originally abandoned them ultimately get their just deserts.

    9. Louis says:

      Thank you everyone, I just hope that in Mid May you all can join us to keep Gozo Rock Clean & Green. ITs the Government need to step up so all this may not put people or kids in danger. Gozo belongs to everyone, respect and understand that our day to day 3/4 of our Island bread comes form Tourists. So we all need to make sure our Island is clean, Green, safe and more visitors. It’s stress, taking care everyone specially kids, time consume, bring all the trash in one place after the hike so they can get to it easy. Behind all this I have to talk and talk and phone calls, set-up meetings and get what I need for the Hikes from all the Local Councils in Gozo. What I have not seen is Eco-Gozo or Government interest to help us so we stop getting dirty, thank God Local Councils are helping. i am happy the Gozo Minister and eco-Gozo came up with this Greener & Cleaner in May but we Gozo people should keep taking care our land and respect our land. That is my opinion.

    10. Anthony Sultana says:

      Yes we can make Gozo the best in the mediteranean sea .Cleaning is one thing ,is very important .Put the most of all is we need politicians that care about our environment .

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        I agree with you Anthony but at the end of the day votes are more important to these people than the environment. What the people have to do is give their support to NGO’s such as FAA who are doing their best to protect the heritage and environment of Malta and fighting an uphill battle against politicians and developers.

      • Peter says:

        Mr Sultana more than politicians we need to educate people to care about our environment and who is caught to dirty it should be heavily find.

    11. Alfred Arena says:

      There is an endemic problem with rubbish dumped on the outskirts of towns and villages and outlying country areas; everywhere we visited there is an eye soar. There are so many long term unemployed and a few thousands of irregular migrants; why cant the authorities utilise these people and organise labour groups to clean up these islands. It gives these people something to do for the social the security protection they get and help clean up these islands at the same time. It needn’t be a full time job for them but they can be rostered to perform a couple of days per week or month. Surely the local councils can organise some form of transport and pick up trucks and supervision to conduct the clean up of so much litter. After every weekend the coastline around the camping areas is littered with rubbish too. It seems that it is such a contentious issue that government and local authorities have given up trying to do anything about it. The short term solution if people cannot be controlled in dumping rubbish everywhere it would be better for now to arrange to get it picked up regularly and not only occasionally by volunteers.

    12. miriam says:

      What days are the rubbish and recline to be collected in kercem gozo as I put my grey bag out and they don’t take it also which bag do I put cat litter in does anyone know

    13. Edit says:

      Miriam just put the bags out on all days ending in >Y< this will solve the problem.

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