MCAST Debate with MEP Candidates – ‘’Youth Employment’’

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MCAST Debate with MEP Candidates - ‘’Youth Employment’’On Thursday, JEF Malta organised an informative seminar on ‘Youth Employment’ at MCAST Campus in Paola. The event started off with JEF Malta’s President Christopher Scicluna who explained what JEF Malta is to MCAST students as well as familiarising MCAST students with JEF Malta’s campaign ‘This Year Your Europe.’

Seven MEP candidates were present for this debate, Dr. Miriam Dalli, Mr.Cyrus Engerer and Dr. Deborah Schembri for the Labour Party, Mr. Stefano Mallia, Mrs.Helga Ellul and Mr. Jonathan Shaw for the Nationalist Party and lastly Prof. Arnold Cassola for the Green Party.Debate_JEF_Malta.jpgMs. Nicole Tabone was the moderator for this debate. Questions were taken from different student organisations based in MCAST. Students’ questions concerned on the importance of jobs and how the EU will be of help to those who’ll graduate and are looking for a job.

All candidates stressed on the importance of having well- trained and prepared students as soon as they graduate.

PL candidate Mr. Cyrus Engerer stressed on the importance of having the right environment and stability to attract foreign investment in Malta in order to generate work.

Dr Miriam Dalli emphasised on the importance that should be given to the engineering sector. According to her, in the past years, this sector was abandoned and more importance was given to IT and financial services. She pointed out that this sector could be of great contribution to the energy sector if it is given the importance it deserves.

Dr.Deborah Schembri highlighted that students should be taught how to be innovative and use this resource for the benefit of our country.

PN Candidate Ms.Helga Ellul pointed out that there has been a decline in the manufacture sector and this should be given again the importance needed in order to provide work.

Mr Stefano Mallia stressed on the importance of giving a clear picture, from a young age, to students in order to determine their career.

Mr. Jonathan Shaw laid emphasis on the fact that students graduate and are jobless due to the fact that employers are constantly looking for experience. He stressed that this problem should be tackled in order to ease this difficulty for post-graduate students.

Prof.Arnold Cassola said that the EU provides incentives and programs such as Erasmus to young workers.

In reaction to the recent initiative launched by the government’ Garanzija ghaz-Zghazagh,’ MEP candidates responded each with their own reaction. Dr.Miriam Dalli emphasised on the importance of cohesion in order for this initiative to be successful and tackle, mostly the illiteracy that is present amongst youths.

Mr. Cyrus Engerer underlined on the importance of use of funds that would help in making the system accessible and successful for everyone.

Dr.Deborah Schembri stated that the rate we have today of youths who work should be improved.

Ms. Helga Ellul, Mr.Stefano Mallia and Mr. Jonathan Shaw pointed out on the fact whether this initiative would cater to each student.

Prof. Arnold Cassola stressed that these youths must be paid decent wages whilst the government must invest in the energy sector in order to generate jobs.

Lastly, another issue MCAST students brought up was that of Maltese Culture and Talent. Candidates emphasised that Maltese talent should be given greater exposure as well as help by means of funds the EU has allocated.

Finally, a mock secret vote was held.

The top three scoring MEP Candidates amongst MCAST students present for this event were Dr Miriam Dalli PL, garnering 45% of the votes, Mr Stefano Mallia PN with 24% of the votes and Mr Jonathan Shaw earned 11% of the cast votes.

JEF Malta said that it would like to extend its gratitude to the European Parliament Information Office in Malta and MCAST for its support.

The campaign video was shown before the debate started:

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