GUG in ‘complete agreement’ with priority boarding system for ferries

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GUG in 'complete agreement' with priority boarding system for ferriesUpdate: The Gozo University Group said in a statement today that it is in “complete agreement with the system of priority boarding on the Gozo Channel Ferries that is envisaged to come into force during the last week of this coming July.”

The Group added, “However, we are of the view that this priority boarding system should be limited to a specific percentage of vehicles boarding the ferry.”

“Moreover, the Gozo Channel is undergoing a series of studies on how to ameliorate the ticketing system and queueing process. We believe that this is highly beneficial and essential to improve the boarding process.”

GUG concluded that it is also in favour of the advance purchase of the ferry tickets so as to fully ensure that the queuing process is ameliorated.”

Update: Earlier this year the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, said in Parliament that the Gozo Channel Company was considering the introduction of priority boarding by means of a special fare.’

Gozo Channel has commissioned PriceWaterhouseCoopers to carry out a feasibility study into it, the Minister said.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    26 Responses

    1. David High says:

      What exactly is it that GUG are in agreement with? I haven’t seen any of the details, is it priority boarding for all Gozitans? If so I think it’s a great idea and I must make a note of it.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        No not specifically for Gozitans but for anyone willing to pay for the privilege …how this benefits university students I cannot see nor can I see any real need and it could potentially lead to a lot of resentment and/or corruption. The current system seems fair and transparent.

    2. S Palmer says:

      Armchair critics everywhere…. why don’t you do something instead of sitting on your rear-end Mr Brightside

      • Mick Cundy says:

        And what, S Palmer, should Mr Brightside do something about? He has merely clarified a question and stated an opinion. You are right, there are indeed armchair critics everywhere and you are one of them.

      • Mr+Brightside says:

        It seem impossible to make factual comments or give reasonable opinions on this site without rudeness from the likes of mr or Mrs or Ms Palmer. I despair …..very sad people.

    3. Chris Green says:

      Would someone please answer Mr High’s question.

    4. Mr+Brightside says:

      I thought I had…..but here goes “Gozo Channel is considering introducing priority boarding on board its ferries at a special fare, the Minister for Gozo, Anton Refalo, said in Parliament.

      Dr Refalo said that the company has commissioned PriceWaterhouseCoopers to study the feasibility of introducing priority boarding.”

      This was announced in February this year.

      • David High says:

        No, you didn’t answer my question, instead you rambled on about something that made no sense to anyone else which is why you received the comments from other people that you did. However, thank you, finally, for the information.

      • Mick Cundy says:

        Chris Green & David High, had you read the article you would have read that.

    5. Mr+Brightside says:

      David High I see you’re another of the ill mannered people on this site. Such a shame.

      • David High says:

        OK, clever clogs, if you had read the original article you would know that it has been edited and now gives the information that I was looking for.

        As to being ill mannered I think your comment is misdirected and should be applied elsewhere.

        I suggest you all re-read the correspondence above.

    6. Eliza says:

      Will someone please answer my question. How often do Air Malta passenger planes get replace with new ones? I always hear about them running into technical difficulties but never hear of them getting replaced. I also read that overall in reviews, they appear to look old.This is a serious topic. I apologize for changing the subject but I don’t know where to go on this site to start a new topic

      • Mick Cundy says:

        From what I have read they are about 7.5 years old on average.
        Many aircraft suffer technical difficulties and with a small fleet of 10 aircraft it is difficult to substitute an aircraft for another when issues arise. Many issues are not serious but the airline errs on the side of safety as they all (should) do. Also, it is not necessarily the age of the aircraft that is important but the number of air miles each covers. Some technical difficulties, particularly electronic ones, are difficult to trace and remedy. PS, I do not work for Air Malta but ex RAF and an aviation fan. 🙂

      • Carmel says:

        Eliza Air Malta passenger planes where replaced in 2008. You can see the link below

    7. Mr+Brightside says:

      Thank you Mick Cundy for your support and attempts to keep this site civil.

      Eliza, I imagine this information is available from the airline. However I travel regularly on Air Malta and don’t have any problem with the planes, I am not an expert but I understand that all planes have to have a certificate of air worthiness, which involves very vigorous testing, and providing they have this then I guess the chronological age is immaterial.

    8. eliza says:

      Thank you both Mr. Cundy and Mr. Brightside. I am an American who appreciates your candor..Unfortunately because the majority of people cannot agree to disagree on this site, I donnot disclose my real name.

    9. eliza says:

      How ironic that in todays media, it states “Air Malta leases 2 aircraft”

    10. Mick Cundy says:

      Carmel, without wishing to be pedantic not all the aircraft were replaced at once so some are older than others, hence the ‘average’ age.

    11. eliza says:

      We have been getting media coverage here in the US literally 24/7 for 3 weeks now including a pilot who daily practices a simulator for viewers. I brought up the topic of
      Air Malta when I read the airlines reviews stating that overall parts of them appeared old and rundown. I used to always fly with British Airways but sadly, they don’t fly out from London to Malta anymore

    12. Mick Cundy says:

      BA have recently restarted their service from UK to Malta. But at €150 – €200 one way!!

      • Mr+Brightside says:

        Mick I have just booked several BA flights malta to London and vice versa and have been paying between £55 and £77 single. The lower price is without hold luggage. I found the best prices on BAs own website.

    13. Stephen Abela says:

      I strongly believe that the “bottleneck” created by the shortage of space on the ferries at peak periods is hurting the economy of Gozo and is also making the lives of those unlucky few crossing for work a great deal, especially in summer. Increasing the number of priority boarding passengers by a few percentage would clearly have only a marginal impact on the economy of the island while it would represent a huge slap in the face to the frequent commuters. I think it would be wise to save money on futile “economic studies” and solve the bottleneck problem. There is plenty of evidence from many different fields that show that this is the only true solution for traffic problems. unless the government only wants to favor only a handful of people.

    14. Better Future says:

      Why all this now when we will have a tunnel soon !

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