A National Holistic Health plan links Malta and Gozo, says Minister

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A National Holistic Health plan links Malta and Gozo, says MinisterThe National Holistic Health plan linking Malta and Gozo in a single framework, ensuring more equitable access to care, quality and sustainability, is keeping patient dignity at the forefront, the Minister for Health Godfrey Farrugia said.

Addressing a news conference held on Saturday at the Gozo General Hospitalier today, Dr Farrugia explained the improvements made for the benifit of patients, in Gozo’s health sector. Also present for the event was the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo.

Dr Farrugia said that the design of the plan for Gozo is one of management restructuring along modern lines, plus human resources, such as the issue of shared medical consultant posts, an improved system of procurement and management of finances, “particularly because this administration inherited a financial deficit at the hospital.”

He pointed out that the Hyperbaric Unit re-opened in Gozo, a Bone Density Unit was set up, a third operating theatre opened, the dentistry depatment has been modernised, air conditioning introduced, the paediatritics ward had been refurbished, the kitchen modernised, raising it from level E to level A, and work is continuing on maintenance of the roofs and replacing tiles in the corridors.

Dr Farrugia said that the most valuble of the projects was that of the Chemotherapy Lounge within the Day Care Unit, which also provides an endoscopy service and bowel cancer screening, this has already helped diagnose over 200 patients with suspected early signs of cancer.

He said that further plans are being looked at which will be completed through the use of EU funds, they include the modernisation of equipment, theatre and radiolity unit upgrades and the aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the hospital. Also in the next year a new health centre is planned to help serve primary care and foster the process as a teaching hospital.

The Minister for Gozo in his address showed his appreciation to the Minister for Health, for the achievements made for health care in Gozo, for the benefit of patients in Gozo.

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