Spring hunting dates announced, with season opening 12th April

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Spring hunting dates announced, with season opening 12th AprilThe Government has said that “upon recommendation by the Malta Ornis Committee and following consideration of the applicable legal and conservation parameters, the Government has today published a Legal Notice declaring the opening of a 2014 Spring Hunting Season for Turtle Dove and Quail (LN 87 of 2014).”

By means of this Legal Notice, the 2014 Spring Hunting Season will be open from Saturday 12th April 2014 to Wednesday 30th April 2014, both dates included, it said.

The Government said that “The Wild Birds Regulation Unit within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights will issue a Special 2014 Spring Hunting Licence to all eligible applicants as per procedure established by law.

“This non-transferrable licence only permits the hunting of Turtle Dove and Quail and no other species. No hunting shall be permitted without this Special Spring Hunting License.

“Only the holders of a valid Carnet de Chasse ghall-Kacca tal-Ghasafar / Fenek Selvagg (Frar 2014 – Jannar 2015) are eligible to apply for the 2014 Special Spring Hunting Licence.

Eligible persons may apply for this Special Licence from Monday 24th March to Saturday 29th March 2014 at any MaltaPost branch during office hours.

No applications will be accepted after this period. Applicants are required to present their Identity Card and a valid Carnet de Chasse ghall-Kacca tal-Ghasafar / Fenek Selvagg (Frar 2014 – Jannar 2015) booklet with their application. Persons applying on behalf of a licensed hunter will also need to present their ID card together with applicant’s ID card or Driving Licence (or in case the applicant is abroad, a copy of any one of these identification documents) to Maltapost staff.

The Government said that “the national hunting bag limit for this season has been established at 11,000 Turtle Doves and 5,000 Quail. Furthermore, hunters are not to exceed the daily bag limit of two (2) birds (Turtle Dove and/or Quail) and a seasonal bag limit of four (4) birds (Turtle Dove and/or Quail) per hunter. Hunters are required by law to immediately report their catch via SMS on the numbers specified in the Special License.

“The Carnet de Chasse ghall-Kacca tal-Ghasafar / Fenek Selvagg (Frar 2014 – Jannar 2015) should also be duly filled in before leaving the hunting area. If no birds are hunted, the applicant is still required to write down the date and 0 or X in the Carnet de Chasse.”

The Government pointed out that “Hunting will only be permitted during the dates of the season from two hours before sunrise until 2 pm between Monday and Friday, whilst on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays hunting will only be permitted from two hours before sunrise until noon. Anyone caught breaching the regulations shall be subject to criminal prosecution according to law and to increased penalties introduced in October 2013.”

“Compliance with the relevant provisions of national legislation relating to the granting of the 2014 Spring Hunting Licence during the season will be closely monitored and supervised.

“It is in the interest of hunting organisations and of individual hunters to ensure that no illegal hunting takes place since this will jeopardise future hunting derogations. Infringements will not be tolerated and convicted offenders will face increased penalties stipulated in the law,” the Government concluded.

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    1. George Palmer says:

      Let us prepare for the unprecedented slaughter of everything that flies. The government should hang its head in shame.

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