Gozitan family run businesses need further encouragement, says Sant

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Gozitan family run businesses need further encouragement, says SantFormer Prime Minister Alfred Sant said today that enterprises in which family members in Gozo worked needed further encouragement. They also needed to be protected from too many rules and regulations that simply create bureaucratic problems without improving the work situation.

“Unfortunately the European Union could be a source from where such rules and regulations could emanate with Malta having to adopt them. It was important not to let one size fits all policies hit adversely the job creating initiatives that were already being carried out by Gozitans in Gozo,” Alfred Sant said.

He pointed out that “what made sense for small business enterprises in Berlin or Frankfurt, did not necessarily apply well to a small island like Gozo. In the future we should remain vigilant not to let the introduction of such one size fits all rules hamper the good work of small enterprises in Gozo.”

Speaking during a social event in Victoria, Gozo, Alfred Sant spoke about the need to create new jobs in Gozo. He also said that family run enterprises constituted part of the essential backbone of job creation in Gozo and needed full support both at Maltese and at European level. “Part of this effort should also involve the support and promotion of jobs that already exist in Gozo.”

Apart from the Government, many such jobs were provided by small family run enterprises. These can be found in many areas, including construction, retailing, farming and fishing as well as services and artisanal production, Sant said.

He emphasised that on the other hand, from the European Union new ideas and proposals originated to encourage family owned and run units in their work. “We should be attentive to these proposals and adopt them to the Gozitan situation.”

Alfred Sant will be running for the EP elections on the 24th of May.

Photo – Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant was given a warm welcome in Gozo.

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