AD proposes further iniatives to stimulate Gozitan economy

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AD proposes further iniatives to stimulate Gozitan economyAlternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said in a statement today that, “the recent incentives offered by the Government for the Maltese to visit Gozo have proved to be an excellent stimulant for the Gozitan economy.”

He added that, “AD is therefore proposing that the Government create more of such occasions by ensuring that public holidays which fall on a weekday should be enjoyed by workers on a Friday or a Monday. These new long weekends would not only give the Maltese more chances of visiting Gozo but would also serve as a short shut-down period for factories in Malta, when machinery could be serviced, etc.”

AD Deputy Chairperson, Carmel Cacopardo, said, “in order to ease the pressure of added traffic and pollution in Gozo on such occasions, whilst continuing to subsidise passenger tickets on Gozo Channel, the Government should not subsidise the price of car tickets but should instead subsidise a free bus transport weekend ticket, valid in Malta on Friday afternoon and in Gozo for the rest of the weekend, where buses could run on a 24 hour basis on that weekend.”

Photograph – Alain Salvary.

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