Gozo ranked third out of top ten islands Europe – Travellers Choice Award

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Gozo ranked third out of top ten islands Europe - Travellers Choice AwardGozo has been ranked third in the top islands Europe – Travellers’ Choice Islands awards, announced today by TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*.

TripAdvisor revealed the winners of Travellers’ Choice Islands, which were based on reviews and opinions of millions of travellers

Lewis and Harris island was named among the world winners of the Travellers’ Choice Islands awards, they beat tropical rivals in Thailand, Chile and Madagascar to be included in the top five islands in the world, also making it the number one island in Europe.

Scottish Isles were among the best performing in the world, with the Orkney Islands mainland and the Isle of Mull also named among Europe’s top ten.

In its second year, the Travellers’ Choice Island awards winners are determined based on the quality and quantity of the most highly-rated hotels, restaurants, and attractions listed for each island on TripAdvisor gathered during a 12-month period.

Ambergris Caye in Belize has been crowned the number one island in the world for the second year running. The largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye boasts spectacular caves, winding waterfalls, tropical rainforest and hundreds of limestone caves. The island also claims the second largest coral reef system in the world.

TripAdvisor’s Top 10 European islands

1. Lewis and Harris, Scotland

2. Naxos, Greece

3. Island of Gozo, Malta

4. Orkney Islands, Scotland

5. Milos, Greece

6. Cephalonia, Greece

7. Santorini, Greece

8. Island of Capri, Italy

9. Isle of Mull, Scotland

10. Paros, Greece

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    7 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Please take note Gozo Tourist Authority. This is not because of anything you have done. This is because Gozo is a special place and tourists are telling you to keep it that way. In other words they don’t want an airport on the island to spoil the tranquillity, and they don’t want Hondoq destroyed so that some idiot can berth his boat there. Gozo has managed to reach third place in Europe simply by being GOZO. Hands off our island!

    2. Anthoney says:

      There is one thing that the GTA got to understand that if we built ,built and keep on building in the name of progress we will certainly slip down from third place for sure . All the reports that were done before in regards the airport all showed that is not economically viable. Can`t this simple report be understood that the airport will be a white elephant? Then what about Hondoq area if it wasn`t for a group of dedicated people from Qala we will certainly have no more beach there . So come on and wake up . Don`t ruin Gozo

    3. Hondoq says:

      This is a clear and strong message that Gozo “The Jewel in the Mediterranean” should not be built up and destroyed for the few ! Gozo should be left ‘ untouched ‘ and ‘ as is’ for everybody to enjoy .Gozo surely deserve the top spot !!!

    4. Carl says:

      Wonder what position it will be if they build a bridge or tunnel, and Gozo just becomes another built up suburb of Malta? Not even the Maltese will want a holiday home in Gozo.

    5. Sabine FERGUSON says:

      Bravo Gozo! And as all comments say and prey: “Please, let’s keep it that way”
      Stop building, keep improving with even more protection and nurturing of the Gozitan identity ans environment. Because this what everybody loves about it, locals and visitors aliike.

    6. Sarah Springham says:

      My father’s family come from Lewis and I’ve just moved here – I feel very fortunate. Gozo must be left untouched by the hands of the developers, with no bridge, tunnel, airport, moorings for vast cruise ships etc. It’s beautiful and peaceful, let it remain so.

    7. Mick Cundy says:

      I posted this on Facebook yesterday………………I have visited Lewis & Harris (amongst other Outer Isles of Scotland and worked and climbed on some). Lewis and Harris (Scottish Gaelic: Leòdhas agus na Hearadh) in the Outer Hebrides make up the largest island in Scotland. This is the largest single island of the British Isles after Great Britain and Ireland. I’m now living here on Gozo Must be something I like about islands.
      Or is it the ferries?

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