Citizenship Scheme will be retained in Malta – Prime Minister

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Citizenship Scheme will be retained in Malta - Prime MinisterThe Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this afternoon that although the Government had noted the result of the vote taken in the European Parliament today on the sale of citizenship, it would still be retained in Malta.

Dr Muscat said that the granting of citizenship was a matter of national competence, pointing out that other Member Countries had similar programmes. He stressed that the European Parliament vote was non-binding.

He said that the Individual Investor Programme would bring in €1 billion for Malta, which would go into a fund for development in various sectors including social development, education, health and innovation, as well as job creation, in turn raising living standards.

Dr Muscat pointed out that a number of people had already applied for the Citizenship programme, allowing projects to be implemented from the funds raised, and these would be announced next week.

The Prime Minister criticised the Opposition for working against Malta and for what he described as “selling Malta.”

The Prime Minister announced that the fomer head of the civil service, Godwin Grima, is to be formally appointed to oversee the scheme.

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