Enjoy a hike by the water and clean-up event in Gozo

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Enjoy a hike by the water and clean-up event in GozoLouis Debattista of the Gozo Greyhounds Youth Athletic Club is organising another “hike by the water and clean up our Island.”

He is appealing for volunteers to join him in this effort. The event is taking place this Saturday, starting at 9.00am from near to the Qala Local Council, from where they will walk down by Xerri’s to Zewwieqa, to continue from where they finished the clean-up last week.

Anybody interested is also welcome to meet the group in Zewwieqa by the Mgarr Marina at 9.30am, where the hike will continue to Xatt L’Ahmar, Fort Chambray and back to Qala.

Louis said that gloves, bags and hand wipes will be provided for the hike and clean-up. However, participants are asked to take their own lunch and water.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    3 Responses

    1. Angela spencer says:

      Want to thank everyone who is doing a good job keep Gozo clean
      I wish I am there to join the group ….iam to far away

    2. Eliza says:

      Everyone on the island of Malta should immediately protest against the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons so close to Malta. Its sad how alot of people are not informed of how hazardous this could be

    3. Mick Cundy says:

      Before everyone goes to Defcon 1: The process will be conducted at sea but not disposed of at sea.

      Extract: It does so using chemical hydrolysis – mixing the hazardous chemicals with reagents such as bleach, water, or sodium hydroxide. The process will result in about 1.5 million gallons of toxic effluent that can’t be used as a chemical weapon and will be disposed of commercially.
      I would also suggest that the siting of this work is to minimise risk on relatively calm waters and thus away from any populated areas. Any leakage, if it were to happen would be contained within the sealed working area. Only the workers will be exposed to minimal risk.
      I am confident that Health & Safety measures will be followed precisely and should not be compared with H&S measures (or lack of them) existant upon Malta.
      Perhaps there is more risk from the untreated sewage that is poured into the sea.

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