Agenzija Sedqa warns against excessive alcohol consumption

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Agenzija Sedqa warns against excessive alcohol consumption“Everyone should be aware of the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.” This is the message that Agenzija Sedqa is passing on to the public during this festive season. Traffic accidents, unwanted sexual relationships, unplanned pregnancies, fights, and a myriad of other incidents can all be related to drink related behaviour.

New Year traditionally sees an increase in these type of situations because it is yet another excuse for people to have ‘one too many.’ These consequences are not only linked to young people but are reported across all age groups.

“Excessive alcohol consumption may leave serious negative consequences, not only during the festive season, but anytime during the year. Apart from the physical and psychological effects alcohol abuse leaves on any person, irrelevant of his/her age, underage drinking brings greater effects,” Sedqa said.

Drink driving remains one of the most preoccupying concerns during the festive season. Agenzija added that its message is clear: “a person is going to drive, he/she should not consume any alcohol at all. Many people still risk their lives and that of others.”

“Alcohol and driving is a dangerous mixture that has affected many lives and will continue to do so unless we act responsibly. Unfortunately this has not yet been fully understood and accepted by many people who act irresponsibly.” This is one of the areas that Agenzija Sedqa said it will never stop emphasising on, not only through service provision, but also through regular prevention initiatives.

Sedqa said its message is that there should be a “more concerted effort by over and all parents, educators, industry alike, and join in a concerted message making everyone aware of the potential negative outcomes of irresponsible drinking. All entities should work together to minimise as much as possible alcohol-related harm.”

During this festive season, Agenzija Sedqa is teaming up with various other entities to promote the message of zero tolerance to driving under the influence of alcohol. These entities include the Health promotion Department, the Police, Civil Protection, Mater Dei Hospital, Transport Malta, and Malta Touring Club.

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