Fr Anthony Zammit appeals for items to aid the Santa Rosa Mission in Peru

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Fr Anthony Zammit appeals for items to aid the Santa Rosa Mission in PeruReaders Letter - “I would like to thank the many good and generous readers and extend my gratitude to those who have previously helped me in our Mission at Santa Rosa.

I would like to wish them all a Holy and Peaceful Christmas and a good year 2014. I am on my way back to Santa Rosa and as soon as I get there I will give the people there, who are extremely poor, a meal with a €1005.00 donation I was given by a group of people.

I will also organise a meal for the elderly through a donation by the Confraternity of St Peter and St. Paul in Australia of $500.00.

If you dear reader would like to participate in this Mission you can do so in many ways. You can write to me directly and ask me how you would like to help. In the meantime I would like to ask constructors or carpenters if they have any big machinery which they can donate and I will take it in a container I am sending. Bench saws, iron benders, lawn mowers even sit on, scooters sit on for disabled, jack hammers, heavy tools, and building tools.

The boys play with marbles; I tried to buy some but could not find marbles in any shop, does anyone have a large bag that they would like to donate? Any hearing aids to donate?

I can be contacted on 79914800.

May you all have a Holy Christmas and a great 2014.”

Yours, Fr Anthony Zammit.

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