Issue of adoptions from Russia discussed with the Russian Ambassador

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The issue of adoptions from Russia was discussed during a meeting which Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Minister for Family and Social Solidarity, had recently with the Russian Ambassador to Malta H.E. Boris Yu Marchuk.

Issue of adoptions from Russia discussed with the Russian AmbassadorH. E. Ambassador Marchuk confirmed that Russia has always looked favourable upon Maltese families and adoptive parents and in this regard, the Russian Federation considers favourably adoptions by heterosexual couples in Malta and continues to do so in the wake of the publication of local new legislation resulting in civil unions.

The Russian Federation has its beliefs on same gender unions and is bound by its recent law which prohibits adoptions of children by same gender couples from countries where such unions are legalised.

Furthermore, as a sending country it can decide through appropriate legal procedures where and to whom it sends its minors in inter-country adoptions.

Maltese heterosexual couples will still be able to adopt from Russia subject to the due processes as established by law and appropriate bilateral agreement.

A bilateral agreement on cooperation between Malta and Russia on adoptions is currently being negotiated with a view to its conclusion in the near future.

Minister Coleiro Preca reiterates that while Malta respects other countries’ legislation this will in no way hinder the established national procedures emanating from Maltese legislation.

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