14 submissions received for Gozo cruise liner terminal & yacht marina

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14 submissions received for Gozo cruise liner terminal & yacht marinaThe Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo has said that 14 submissions were received by the Government for a yacht marina and cruise liner terminal in Gozo.

The announcement was made be the Minister this morning during a visit with the Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo, to Magro Brothers.

The international call for expressions of interest for the building and operation of a cruise liner terminal and a yacht marina in Gozo was issued in June and closed at the end of September.

The Minister for Gozo said that this was among the first initiatives launched by the Government following the election.

Dr Refalo praised Magro Brothers for its integrity and high level of enterprise, adding that the company offers high quality Gozitan products, as well as providing a substantial number of jobs in Gozo.

He also expained how the present Government is committed to fulfil the election promise to create employment in Gozo for the Gozitans, always with a view to alleviate the problems arising between the two islands.

The Ministers both mentioned the fact that there is a need to create jobs in Gozo, pointing out the various schemes that have been recently launched by the Employment and Training Corporation, including the Employment Aid Programme, which is specific to Gozo.

Minister Bartolo said that the situation in Gozo is creating an imbalance between the two islands, and the challenge must be addressed of young Gozitan who only see their future in Malta.

He added that certain industries like iGaming and education, especially distance learning, are being affected by the lack of fiber optic technology to the island.

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    7 Responses

    1. mickh911 says:

      i have said all along, build it in marsalforn, rebuild the breakwater, incorporate a cruise liner berth, and build floating pontoons at the Santa maria side of the bay,
      the advantages are, by rebuilding the breakwater it stops the damage to marsalforn caused by winter storms, and a cruise liner berth would bring tourists directly to the resort bypassing a already congested mgarr at peak times, and floating pontoons for the Maltese boat owners, i no negatives, all positives,

    2. Eliza says:

      Cruise ship pollution and discharge from these cruise ships is what people in Malta should be worried about.
      If you don’t believe me, look it up. Gozo is being destroyed .

    3. mickh911 says:

      its not just cruise ships, its every type of ship, so do you propose they shut down the freeport ?

    4. mickh911 says:

      The cruise ships are already here regular throughout the summer anchoring off mgarr, the buoy placed at the entrance to zlendi bay at a cost of over 238000 euro has never been used, simple because it too close to the shore [ only in gozo ]
      the marsalforn breakwater needs rebuilding as a matter of urgency, i would have thought the local mayor would have supported and put forward the case to stop the damage caused in the winter storms, and to incorporate the two, cruise liners that already visit gozo would come to marsalforn instead of mgarr bringing much needed revenue to the shops and restaurant’s,
      remember, passengers arriving at mgarr are transported to victoria, marsalforn, zlendi, dwerja etc where the tourist attractions are, hardly any attractions around mgarr !
      and marsalforn is nearer to these visitor attractions, so less traffic at the mgarr end of the island

    5. Eliza says:

      If large countries are having major problems with cruise ship pollution and discharge, can you imagine what it will do to a tiny island like Gozo? Again, look it up on the computer if you don’t believe me. Also, since Gozo is so small, the cruise ship pollution will spread from one beach to the other.

    6. Peter says:

      Well done Dr Anton Refalo Gozo needs new jobs in new sectors.

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