Nine NGOs to hold a demonstration in ‘Favour of the Environment’

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Nine NGOs to hold a demonstration in 'Favour of the Environment'Simone Mizzi of Din l-Art Helwa was one of the speakers at a press conference held today to launch a ‘Rally in Favour of the Environment.’

Also present where representatives from Birdlife Malta, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Friends of the Earth, Moviment Graffiti, Greenhouse Malta, Malta Organic Agricultural Movement, Nature Trust Malta and the Rambles’ Association.

In her speech Ms Mizzi  said, “we are here because we wish to express our great concerns about many new policies that government is about to pass that are going to bring further damage to our environment and add to the over development of our islands. Malta is already the most built up space in Europe. The situation is very serious.”

Ms Mizzi continued, “here we have laws that restrict building, these are flaunted as in the case of Mistra Village where some 800 more apartments are going to permanently scar a most beautiful national landscape.”

“Where there are already thousands of illegal developments arising from the last 30 years of planning abuse, these are about to be condoned giving rise to a permissive culture and further civil irresponsibility. Where there have been rules to prevent building, such as in the countryside, new ones are being introduced to permit it, Ms Mizzi asked.

Ms Mizzi added, “there is going to be further construction of our coast line through land reclamation schemes. Our message to the authorities is that they are not looking after citizens’ rights, only those of the speculators. We believe there have been no studies done to show all this building is necessary or that it is sustainable and we call on government to prove what intentions it has to protect our landscape and daily environment as none have been forthcoming.”

“The public is very concerned. They have contacted us from all corners of Malta. Like us they feel there is nobody now except NGOs championing the environment. This is wrong,” Ms Mizzi said.

“That is the duty of the state. The public, like us wishes to express its voice to prevent new laws further damaging our land and selling Malta to speculators.”

“The Online Survey by Din l-Art Helwa in February 2013 already said then that Stop the Building was the main public concern.” Ms Mizzi added, “we therefore call on the public to join us in a rally in Favour of the Environment on Saturday Nov 30th and to meet us at City Gate, Valletta. Keep the environment safe so we can protect our health and that of our children.”

Photograph – Mistra Development project by MEPA.

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    2 Responses

    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Well done Ms. Mizzi !

    2. Edward Mallia says:

      I was under the impression that there were four speakers at the press conference. Simone Mizzi may well have been the most handsome, but none of the others was a dumb dummy or indeed a paot of Ms. Mizzi.
      May I congratulate you on your excellent reporting.

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