Eco-certification scheme launched today for Gozitan farmhouse

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Eco-certification scheme launched today for Gozitan farmhouseAn eco-certification scheme for Gozitan farmhouses was launched this morning, aimed at strenthening the development of sustainable tourism.

The Minister for Tourism, Karmenu Vella, and the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, launched the scheme, saying that that farmhouses in Gozo will benefit from reduced operating costs when implementing certain practices that are required by the the scheme.

“Tourism and environmental protection should complement each other in order to stimulate sustainable growth and to minimise the negative aspects o the environment generated by so-called conventional tourism.” they said.

“The eco-certification, with international credentials reflects a thinking to cover all areas on the environment, society, culture, economy, quality and health,” the Ministers said.

The Tourism Minister stressed the importance of creating a culture around being more environmentally friendly and not only with regard to the environment itself.

He stressed that this scheme will be advantageous for operators and beneficial to local residents where they will be enjoying green investment and top-level layout.

The Minister for Gozo explained how scheme is an important step for the Government to deliver more value and gives a wider dimension to the concept of eco-Gozo. This, he said, “will result in an increase in tourism during the winter months and increase employment in Gozo for Gozitans.”

At present there are a total of 23 hotels eco-certified in Malta and Gozo, this amounts to 33% of beds available on the islands. These numbers compare well with national schemes in other countries, the Ministers said.

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