Hunter fined €4,600, firearms, taxidermy tools and vehicle confiscated

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Allan Farrugia, aged 24 from Luqa was this morning fined €4,600 after pleading guilty to hunting a protected bird in the Siggiewi area on Wednesday.

Inspector Ramon Mercieca, the prosecuting officer, accused the man of shooting down a Short-Toed Eagle, which is listed as a protected species.

The accused also admitted to having in his possession 75 stuffed protected birds and carrying out taxidermy services.

Allan Farrugia was disqualified from hunting for three years and had his taxidermy tools, two shotguns and his vehicle confiscated.

Photograph – BLM: Short-Toed Eagle at Buskett on Wednesday afternoon.

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    2 Responses

    1. Mr Brightside says:

      Excellent ….now the rest ….he didn’t shoot them all himself!

    2. Sabine Ferguson says:

      Is there some kind of money to make in these illegal activities? In that case who are the clients?
      Anyone willing to kill for profit or pleasure is either desperate or sick. Or desperately sick.
      So which one is it?

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