Fourth edition of the Figs Festival taking place in Xaghra

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Fourth edition of the Figs Festival taking place in XaghraThe Xaghra Local Council is organising the fourth edition of the Figs Festival, which will be taking place on Saturday, the 5th and Sunday, the 6th of October 2013.

The aim of this festival, which was celebrated for the first time in 2010, is to promote Maltese figs and other typical products, the Council said.

The Xaghra Local Council is the only Maltese Council which is a member of the ficusnet network which is a network of European towns and cities which produce figs as one of their typical products.

The programme of events for the weekend is as follows:

Saturday 5th October:

10.00am: Conference with the subject ‘Diseases which commonly attack the fig trees in Malta’. This conference will be addressed by Professor Innocenza Cessa (Italy) and representatives from the Plant Health Directorate (Malta). This seminar is of particular interest to farmers and to those who cultivate fig trees.

From 8pm onwards: The Xaghra Scouts Group presents IKLA FIL-PJAZZA in celebration of the figs festival. There will be free entertainment to those who attend. Grab your tickets now from 99433442, 79946768 and 79333398. A delegation of around 35 people coming from six different European countries will be present for this event.

Sunday 6th October:

From 8am till 1pm: Exhibition of figs and other typical products in Victory Square. During this exhibition, there will be on display various food stalls with Maltese typical products. This exhibition will be accompanied by traditional folk music.

This festival is being organised by the Xaghra Local Council in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary for Culture and Local Government.

The Xaghra Local Council warmly invites everyone to attend for this annual event.

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    6 Responses

    1. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter Keep doing this Festival long as you keep showing us the pictures of these beautiful FIGS you grow in Xaghra . Gozo . I use to love this time of year ,when is Figs season … The best fruit you can eat ………… I wish I can go back 70 years ago . Gozitan from xaghra . Walter

    2. Angela spencer says:

      Love it I be there

    3. Walter Sultana says:

      Angela do not forget to buy some dried Figs in the Box ,and make sure they put you some BUZBIEZ SEEDS in it , .to give it the Flavour, I am sure you remember , how we use to make it >????? .. PS……. My father always use to tell us to do it, when it’s west WIND RIH IL- PUNENT , .. or RIH FUQ . TO MAKE IT LAST ,and does not go bad on you …… GOZITAN from Xaghra .

    4. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter I wish Good SUCSESS to Xaghra Local Council on this festival coming soon . Gazitan from Xaghra .

    5. Francisco Martins says:

      Dear Sirs
      This is an absolutely serious contact. My preferred hobby is my fig collection in my native land- the southern province of Portugal. I would very much like to establish contact with fig farmers or collectioners in Malta. We do have great varieties of all types -San Pedro, Smyrna- Common… and I would be delighted to exchange some figs with Maltese types.
      I assure that this message is totally serious with no other intentions.
      Francisco Martins

    6. Francisco Martins says:

      I congratulate your newspaper to keep people’s traditions in the minds of ALL-
      All these traditions should live for ever and enrich our corresponding Histories.
      without History and live Memories… very few is left!

      Kind Regards
      Francisco Martins

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