Appeal for non-working rear projector TV for Peru mission

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Appeal for non-working rear projector TV for Peru missionReaders Letter – “Next month I will be sending a container to Peru and I would like to ask your good readers if anyone has a NON-working, large Rear Projector TV which they could donate to me to use in Peru.

I can use this for many needed things, for example I can put one in the main square in Santa rosa and by the sun’s ray, with the use of the lens, I can get 2000 degrees. People can go and boil water for free. The water is very contaminated and if you do not boil it it might kill you so everyone has to boil it but wood is scarce and gas is expensive.

When they have a special occasion they all chip in and buy lots of meat and cook them underground on hot rocks. They use lots of wood to burn the rocks and I found out the better system of solar power to burn the rocks without using a log of wood.

There are 42 communities who do not even have electricity. Teaching them how to use such a great invention, they will surely benefit from a 2000ºF Solar Power.

I can take any number of such TV, but only Rear Projector TV. Maybe somebody knows of one hidden in a room at their club or bar which I could come and pick it up.

Thank you, please phone me on 79914800.”

Fr. Anthony Zammit,


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