Illegalities attributed to hunting will not be tolerated – FKNK

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Illegalities attributed to hunting will not be tolerated - FKNKThe Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK), in a statement this afternoon that it once again, “seriously warns its members that illegalities that may be attributed to hunting and that may occur at any time throughout the season will not be tolerated.”

“During this sensitive period, FKNK members are urged to keep a sharp look-out for anything that could ill-affect traditional and legal hunting.”

The FKNK had also issued the same warning just before the start of the autumn hunting season.

The FKNK said today that it “will take drastic disciplinary action, within its power, against any member who may be found in serious breach of the relative regulations, to the point of membership revocation, without which, hunting licence renewal is not permissible.”

The FKNK said that it “instigates its thousands of members who abide by current regulations to do their utmost to ensure that any person, responsible for any criminal act related to shooting, be brought to justice; the illegalities reported to have occurred in Gozo yesterday being no exception.”

It also reminded its members, that as from today, up to and including October the 7th, 2013 hunting is not permitted after 7.00pm. During the same period hunting is not permitted after 1.00pm on Sundays and Public Holidays

“Members are being urged to assist the Police in their duties and to report any illegalities they may observe directly to the police authorities on 21224001. Such reports can be made anonymously by any FKNK member as well as by the general public,” the hunters said.

The FKNK stated that “it has again been made evidently clear that legal hunting and therefore the genuine hunters’ presence in Malta’s countryside, is the best deterrent against illegal shooting of protected bird species.”

“This is the only way forward for the future of sustainable hunting,” FKBK concluded.

File photograph by David Tipling/Nature Picture Library

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    1. Jill says:

      Another sickeningly disingenuous statement from FKNK! including the laughable suggestion that so called genuine hunters (people who kill for fun animals which are too small to fight back) are a deterrent against illegal shooting of protected bird species!!!

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