GO Hike to Help – Night Walk raises funds for Gozo Charity

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GO Hike to Help – Night Walk raises funds for Gozo CharityGO employees took part in the 2nd edition of ‘Hike to Help’ during a starry night in August. The fund-raising initiative, the second of its kind in a 3-month span, was held in the wake of the amazing success scored during the first campaign.

Proceeds from the second ‘Hike to Help’ campaign were earmarked by the organisers as a donation to theMissionary Movement Gesù fil-Proxxmu. The whole idea was to support the Kilimanjaro Challenge towards accommodating physically disabled children in Awasi Kenya.

Moviment Missjunarju Gesù fil-Proxxmu was founded by Mgr. George Grima from St George’s Parish in Gozo, aimed at giving a better life to very young children living on the streets in Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya. Backed by the support of benefactors from Malta and Gozo, the Movement builds homes for IVF-infected youngsters, for deaf and dumb kids, leprosy-stricken and disabled children.

‘Hike to Help 2’ – urged GO employees to join in a 12km walk under the stars for a worthy cause. The option was to cycle for a 24km stretch and for just a small extra donation, participants could even get their car washed by volunteers while they walked or cycled.

Men and women of all ages, from different sections of GO, teaming up to achieve a common philanthropic goal. They met under the tent in Buskett determined to put their best foot forward and brave the intense heat and other obstacles, driven by the willpower to achieve the ultimate scope of raising funds for a worthy cause.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the outcome – despite the tremendous mid-summer heat and the holiday period – turnout to our night walk for charity was extremely positive,” said Laurie Pace from GO’s commercial team.

“This is the second time we have invited GO employees to take to the road and participate in a night walk for charity. Our thanks goes to the immense generosity of the participants and our partners who help to make the event such a success.”

“A special word of thanks goes to the walkers and cyclists who forked out a participation fee, first-aiders, helpers, the team who worked so hard to get the cars washed and ready on time, sponsors responsible for fruit at the end of the walk, water, candles and ribbon, road police signs, generator lights and much more,” she said.

The brains behind the ‘Hike to Help 2’ initiative were Paul Demicoli, Tara Attard – and of course Laurie herself.

Besides the full co-operation and support afforded by the GO contingent, the organisers also roped in volunteers from other entities primarily Daniela Micallef from Mac Donald’s and Justine Barthet from General Soft Drinks who also gave their support by way of financial assistance and/or services and items throughout the night walk. GO employees chipped in as first aiders, drivers, car wash helpers and even sponsors for the activity.

When asked about their night walk experience, volunteers shared the opinion that “it was a great sensation knowing you were making a positive effort to alleviate suffering and improve the living conditions for children in Kenya.”

Most of the participants said they had already made up their minds to involve themselves in forthcoming events and urged other GO employees to follow suit – boost up their humanitarian spirit and join in the next walk for charity.

Photograph – GO ‘Hike to Help 2’ team members.

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