“Is Arriva advertising policy censorship or sheer stupidity? “

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"Is Arriva advertising policy censorship or sheer stupidity? "Prof. Arnold Cassola Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika said today that “the cancellation on Arriva Buses of adverts made by the “Up in Arms” group, highlighting discrimination against EU nationals in Malta, which had already been accepted and paid for, is a result of either one of two things – 1. Censorship of citizens’ right to highlight existing discriminatory practices in our country or 2. Sheer stupidity on the part of Arriva, who had not realised that the adverts were also highlighting Arriva’s discriminatory two-tier price structure.”

Last week the ‘Up in Arms’ group who launched their campaign by way of Arriva buses last month, in Malta and Gozo said that they “learned yesterday, 5th September, that Arriva have removed the advertising campaign from its buses.”

AD spokesperson on Energy, Transport and Industry, Ralph Cassar, said, “Arriva and Transport Malta had better put their heads together to make the public transport system more reliable than waste time and effort in stopping people from advertising on the buses.

“It is ironic that Arriva or Transport Malta stopped adverts which are also a source of revenue for the public transport operator. One would think that advertising revenue which helps a company run its services would have been welcome,” Cassola concluded.

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