Agenzija Sedqa reacts to changes in the Grand Lottery

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Agenzija Sedqa reacts to changes in the Grand LotteryAgenzija Sedqa has voiced its concern about the changes to the Grand Lottery announced recently by Maltco.

“The new format envisages a more frequent draw and a weekly jackpot of at least €500,000 every week. On several occasions throughout the year, this jackpot is bound to rise beyond the minimum level.

“It appears that the decision to establish the minimum jackpot at half a million Euros was not a random one. Sedqa has often pointed out that the experience of the Super 5 Lottery has repeatedly shown that at this level of jackpot, ticket sales rise markedly.”

Agenzija Sedqa said, “this figure seems to raise the hopes of many individuals, especially among those who face daily financial struggles to make ends meet and who hope that a big win will change their fortunes overnight.”

“Retailers, including groceries and minimarkets maintain that their sales decrease whenever the Super 5 jackpot reaches certain levels. Even pharmacies have been known to voice their complaints about reduced business at times like this,” it said.

Agenzija Sedqa pointed out that “it is probable that people in the lowest income group are the ones who are most likely to opt to try their luck for a big jackpot even if it means refraining from buying necessities.”

“In sedqa’s opinion this development is seriously undermining the Government’s vociferously-voiced concern about poverty – about which the whole nation is in agreement – as well as its planned efforts to tackle poverty.”

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