Seafloor Exploration Training Course taking place in Malta

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Seafloor Exploration Training Course taking place in MaltaThe University of Malta, together with Highland Geo Solutions, is organising the first edition of the ‘Seafloor Exploration Training Course.’

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical, scientific, technological and operational aspects of seafloor exploration and surveying through intensive theoretical classes and hands-on practical sessions on a research vessel and in the laboratory.

During the course, the students will be exposed to many different types of marine survey hardware and software, which will prepare them for both commercial and academic assignments.

Collaborating on the course are the National Oceanography Centre, Geomara, RPM Nautical Foundation, Vella Marine Malta, University of Washington, Earth Sciences and Surveying (EGS), S.A.N.D., AquaBioTech Group, Blue Marble Geographics, Caris, Chesapeake Technology, EIVA, Eye4 Software, Fledermaus, Kongsberg, Marine Institute, QPS, ROMOR and Triton Imaging Inc.

The course is co-ordinated by Dr Aaron Micallef, Department of Physics, University of Malta, and Mr Graham Nickerson, President of Highland Geo Solutions and runs until the 13th of September.

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