Why is there still no final decision from MEPA on Hondoq?

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Why is there still no final decision from MEPA on Hondoq?Readers Letter – “In June 2007, MEPA’s Natural Heritage Panel recommended refusal of the Qala Creek Project consisting of a residential village and marina.

In May 2011, MEPA’s Environment Protection Directorate recommended refusal of the Qala Creek Project.

In August 2011, Transport Malta recommended refusal of the of the Qala Creek Project.

In February 2013, Joseph Muscat stated that he was against the yacht marina and hotel project at Hondoq.

In May 2013, MEPA’s Environment Tribunal rejected the appeal by the Qala Creek developers to have their modified plans considered (whereby a swimming lagoon was to replace the marina), unless it was submitted as a new application with a new Environmental Impact Statement.

In July 2013, Gozo Minister Anton Refalo said that proposals for a yacht marina at Hondoq would not be considered due to the environmental impact.

So, why is there still no final decision from MEPA refusing a permit for the Qala Creek Project?”

Jane Carr,


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    12 Responses

    1. Anthoney says:

      As before the Green Integrated community for Hondoq comes to my mind .This attracted a lot of negative comments because is is nothing more than villas down at Hondoq something I believe that this means.We want clear indications from high above that NO DEVELOPMENT IS ALLOWED down theirs unless for a national park for everyone to enjoy .Jane this link gives a lot of thinking please also read the comments http://gozonews.com/26719/further-to-my-letter-of-december-the-4th-2012-jane-carr/

    2. Carl says:

      It’s crazy, all those official reccommendations against & none for – and mepa still can’t say no? Something sucks!!!

      Maybe anthoney is right about the green integrated community area – is there something going on behind the scenes??Mepa should say NO once and for all to ANY development down at Hondoq – what are they waiting for………..??????

    3. jason says:

      Good points Jane. it has been eleven years now since the application was lodged. The general public has made it quite clear that they are against development in Hondoq so what is keeping the authorities from taking the final decision. Maybe like anthoney said there is something else brewing!!!!

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The person who should have the answer here or at least be able to get the answer is Qala Mayor Clint Camilleri. Having said that I think he was one of the ones talking about a green community so perhaps he is holding off until someone else makes a decision. What about it Mr Mayor, are you 100% behind the people of Qala on this matter or are you backing the idea of some form of development at Hondoq? We know where the leader of your party stands so where do you stand?

    5. peter says:

      @ James Tyrrell I too feel that should come with a direct answer from the PL administration Last time this issue was raised it attracted a lot of comments. Do read these comments to refresh you memory


      hondoq area is for all of us .No villas

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        I don’t need to re-read the comments as I wrote a lot of them but thanks for the link. The Government need to get off the fence here once and for all and slap a protection order on Hondoq. No more of these silly ‘integrated green community area’ statements please. So far we know that the Labour Party are against the development ‘as proposed,’ with no explanation as to what ‘as proposed’ means. This has been going on now for far too long and it’s high time the people had a definitive answer.

    6. Phil says:

      Didn’t Clint say that a green community area was “a big park full of trees, green landscaping, gazebos, picnic areas etc.” (although come to think of it the “etc” is a bit open ended……….) http://gozonews.com/27330/hondoq-what-is-an-integrated-green-community-area/ Surely he wouldn’t risk his standing as mayor and MEP candidate by stating that, if he really means a Fort Chambray type development down at Hondoq , would he?

      • Carl says:

        Don’t be so naieve! Politician’s are always saying one thing to appease the voters then doing another!!! “Come to think of it” that “etc”is probably as open ended enough to be a fort chambray type development at hondoq!!!!

    7. Jonathan says:

      Won`t be long when we will hear that Hondoq is the sole provider to create jobs .Wake up guys Hondoq has to be cleaned up and planted with indeginious trees to adapt to the surroundings .That way we can have a truly national park for everyone .

    8. Alexander says:

      @ Jonathan, Politicians doesn’t care for ingenious trees not even for fruit trees what they want is their wages every month . All you have to do is,take a look at the Nadur cemetery and you will get the answer for your problems.

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