FKNK warns its members “it will not tolerate any illegalities”

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FKNK warns its members "it will not tolerate any illegalities"The Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) said in a staement this afternoon that it would like to wish its members a good autumn/winter hunting season which opens tomorrow.

The FKNK, said however, that it “warns its members that any illegalities that may occur during the open season will not be tolerated.”

“The FKNK will take drastic disciplinary action, within its power, against any member who may be found in serious breach of the relative regulations, to the point of membership revocation, without which, hunting licence renewal is not permissible.”

The FKNK stated that it “will not waste time in condemnations and is hereby instigating its thousands of members who abide by current regulations to do their utmost to ensure that any person, responsible for any criminal act related to shooting, be brought to justice.”

“No one is suffering more than the legal hunters themselves, each time a case concerning any violation of hunting regulations is reported,” it said.

The FKNK said that “more often than not, some media reports are given a sensational aura that is, at times, even unsubstantiated with facts.”

“One recent example, the hunters said, “is the manner by which a report concerning a protected species, albeit very common in the wild, was referred to as ‘super-protected’ – an inexistent term in any legislation or taxon classification.”

The FKNK added, “the fact remains that no one can deny, that whenever a protected bird is shot, there is a shotgun involved, and such a case is invariably linked to hunting. Therefore in the eye of the general public and in that of the less experienced person, all hunters are classified as bad.”

“The time has therefore come for the good to stand tall and defend himself by doing everything in his power to ensure the bad is apprehended and eradicated. This is the only way that hunting can regain the accepted social status it enjoyed not so long ago.” The FKNK said.

“These criminals have to be aware that they will not only not find shelter in the FKNK but that they will find it unreservedly against them to the extent that the FKNK will be their worst enemy.”

The FKNK said that it “expects the Police Corps to act wisely and in a correct and fair manner with everyone.”

“However, FKNK members are simultaneously being urged to assist the Police in their duties and to report any illegalities they may observe from their fields directly to the police authorities on 21224001. A report can be made anonymously by any FKNK member as well as by the general public.”

“Maltese and Gozitan hunters cannot continue to bear the consequences of the acts of irresponsible persons that are being used to tarnish hunting both within our shores as well as in Europe and globally,” the FKNK concluded.

File photograh by David Tipling/Nature Picture Library.

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    1. George Palmer says:

      I thought that Sunday morning would be Hell on Earth with trigger happy hunters loosing off at 05.30 from now until the end of January. It hasn’t happened. I feel that it might as the season goes on. You know, if hunters abide by the law and give people some rest and abide by the protection of endangered species there might not be such a hatred of them. All hunters have to do is give folks a peaceful nights sleep, not shoot endangered species and pick up their spent cartridges. Also, this business of not shooting close to built up spaces has been totally abused in the past. The FKNK and St Huberts hunters maintain that they are eco friendly and support birds. I cannot support any killing of wildlife, but these organisations can do a lot to prove that they are willing to work with BirdLife and CABS to support endangered species. Spend some money and encourage children to visit nature parks instead of scaring them away. Hunters in the past have engendered fear amongst folk wanting to explore the countryside. I have been very critical of hunters in the past because of their behaviour. Now it is another season. Let us see what happens.

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