Public transport should be given absolute priority, says AD

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Public transport should be given absolute priority, says ADProf. Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, said in a statement today that, “it is a very sensible idea to take all bendy-buses off the road pending investigations into the recent fires. Safety first is paramount.”

“It has been said that sabotage is not excluded, but we know that in March 2004 all bendy-buses in London were taken out of service following three separate fires on the vehicles. Let us get to the truth fast.”

Ralph Cassar, AD spokesperson for energy, transport and industry added, “Public transport should be given its due importance. It is clear that the present contract was primarily designed for the purpose of reducing Government expenditure in this sector.”

“In a country inundated with private cars, public transport should be given absolute priority.”

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    1. tamworthterry says:

      I am sure you will agree the only people that want the bendy bus’s off the roads are the car drivers, with no concern for the passengers that have to use Public Transport .
      I am so grateful for the excellent service Arriva gives us on this island of Gozo. compared to how it was before. when the last bus was 7.00pm and you could count on your hand the number of bus that ran per day in Gozo. So a big thank you to the Drivers and managment of Arriva Gozo who work so hard to give that public transport service that we need in Gozo.

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