Three Gozitan men arrested over killing of flamingo in Gozo

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The Police have advised that three Gozitan men have been arrested in connection with the killing of a flamingo on Saturday evening in the area known as Tal-Fessej in Xewkija.

At that time, police were informed that a bird fitting the description of one of two flamingos which had been seen earlier was shot by hunters and recovered at sea by a hunting dog.

Police were immediately dispatched to the area, but despite several extensive searches in the area, no sign of the flamingo or the hunters was found.

However, yesterday three men aged 23, 37 and 66 who live in Zebbug, Ghajnsielem and Nadur respectively, were arrested following further investigation by the Gozitan Criminal Investigation Department.

Although the super-protected bird has not yet been found, evidence has been found which may link the suspects to its killing.

Photograph – From BirdLife Malta, taken by one of the witnesses of the shooting of a flamingo near Mgarr ix-Xini in Gozo on Saturday, showing a dog belonging to the culprit collecting the carcass from the sea.

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    6 Responses

    1. Charlie says:

      I hope these Culprits receive if found Guilty receive a Hefty Sentence

    2. Walter Sultana says:

      I hope these three IDIOTS gets what they deserve . Why did they go Fishing, instead killing such a beautiful bird ??? Walter

    3. mickh911 says:

      I hope we are told what sentance they recive and its not swept under the carpet as it were.

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Any comment from FKNK? Are they licenced members?

    5. Joe Magro Qala says:

      Why shoot a any bird, because you cannot cook it because of pellets in his body and what pleasure do you get by shooting any bird, I am writing this this because is disturbing,

    6. Charlie Mizzi says:

      All hunting in Malta and Gozo should be banned. The government should set up a couple of skeet shooting locations and anybody that feels like shooting should go to one of these locations, pay to use and see if they are good enough to shoot at something that is moving faster than a bird.

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