Gharb Council petition against change of planning alignment

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Gharb Council petition against change of planning alignmentGharb Local Council is calling on its residents to sign a petition against a change of planning alignment of the new part of Tumas Cassar Street corner with Visitation Street.

The Council said that duuring the 7th Council meeting it discussed PC application 0026/13, which had recently been submitted by the Lands Department to MEPA which application the Council said, “proposes to change the road alignment at new street in Thomas Cassar Street from 34.5 feet to 28 feet.”

“This application is not taking into consideration that when the road is opened a pavement of 3 feet and 3 inches on each side of the road will be constructed, thus narrowing the road to 21 foot and 6 inches (approx),” the Council said.Gharb Council petition against change of planning alignmentAfter discussing the issue the Council members voted where four members voted against the narrowing of the road and one member did not take part in the vote.

The Council said that PC Application 0026/13 entails the following:

1. It’s tied with a past issue, where a development is already obstructing Visitation Street leading to Felic Grech Street causing a big inconvenience.

2. The road will be narrowed too much to meet today’s traffic needs.

3. Such narrowing will remove the possibility of this road serving as a better access to the Square since both roads leading to the Square i.e. Church Street are narrow and Visitation Street is obstacled as explained above.

4. It goes against the guidelines for sustainable development and doesn’t cater for the better planning and accessibility of the locality.

For these reasons the Council said it is starting a petition for those residents who are listed in the last electoral register. “An impartial person will be visiting households door to door to collect signatures to support the Council’s decision.” The petition can also be signed by callin in at the Council’s offices.

The Council concluded by saying that it recommends everyone “back the Council and sign this petition so that the PC application is refused.”

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