• Pope donates his last cardinal’s cassock to Gozo museum
  • Published on Saturday, 24, August, 2013 at 17:23 in Gozo News | 1 Comment

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    Pope donates his last cardinal’s cassock to Gozo museum‘Il-Hagar|Heart of Gozo’ Museum in Victoria has announced that Pope Francis has donated the cassock, known in Malta and Gozo as suttana, he wore for the Conclave in March, which was to elect him as the new Pope.

    The Museum said that this historical suttana with accesories, in the red cardinal colour, was presented to the museum by his personal assistant Mgr. Alfred Xuereb, who is currently in Gozo for his well deserved holidays.

    During the presentation Mgr Xuereb shared with those present some of his experiences with Pope Francis, emphasising the personal approach which has earmed him such popularity all around the world.

    Mgr Joseph Farrugia, the museum curator, thanked Mgr Xuereb and asked him to convey their wishes to Pope Francis and to inform him that he is always in their prayers.

    Mgr Xuereb then made another tour of the museum, particularly the now fully functional audio-visual rooms.

    In March this year Mgr Alfred Xuereb, who was also the former personal secretary of Pope Benedict, visited the museum, to present the zucchetto, or skullcap, that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI wore on the day of his abdication, the last one of his pontificate.

    The zucchetto, which was presented to Mgr Joseph Farrugia, is complete with the relative attestation and was gifted by the Pope Emeritus to the museum

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