Gozitan born artist Joseph Calleja’s Ontario exhibitions

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Gozitan born visual artist Joseph Calleja's Ontario exhibitionsGozitan born visual artist Joseph Calleja had just finished a joint exhibition at the McMaster Museum of Art in Ontario, with Joseph Max Klinger and John Massey. The exhibition focused on narratives and hyper-imagery.

An exhibit of a kinetic mirror work by Joseph Calleja reflected and transformed the gallery as environment. The Revolving Concave Mirror was shown for the first time since it was initially exhibited in 1968.

A second joint exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, entitiled ‘Play on Nature,’ which is being held until February 2014, sees Joseph Calleja’s work along side Ontario-based artist Viktor Tinkl.

The Gallery said that they both share a fundamental joy in the making of things. And while their respective artistic paths are divergent, both have spent more than five decades exploring the nature of things, playing with materials and concepts in unorthodox and unexpected ways.

“Their approach to artmaking is open ended and exploratory, beyond traditional or sanctioned boundaries.”

‘A Play on Nature’ presents a selection of Joseph Calleja’s whimsical and provocative plant sculptures, including Green Cactus 1999, which is painted plaster, metal and clay.

Joseph has also received an ivititation to participate in the ‘Speaker Series’ at the University of Toronto International Environmental Studio, after they had viewed his “facinating work” at the exhibition. The Studio promotes environmental awareness through visual arts.

Joseph Calleja, was born in Xewkija, in 1924, he emigrated to Canada in 1958, living and teaching art in Hamilton between 1960 and 1968, before settling in Toronto Ontario.

Calleja has been working in Sculpture, Kinetics, Painting, Print-making and Photography since he arrived in Canada. He has exhibited widely there and abroad. His works are featured in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Canada, Hamilton Art Gallery and Museum of Fine Art Malta.

His works are featured locally at the Museum of Fine Art in Malta and in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Canada and Hamilton Art Gallery.

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