Qala Local Council “objects to the unfounded accusations”

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Qala Local Council "objects to the unfounded accusations"The Qala Local Council in a statement today said that it “objects to the unfounded accusations made by Marine Biologist and Researcher Alan Deidun, as reported on the website.

The statement from Qala Council, did not detail what the accusations were, however, it said that it had been involved in discussions with MEPA for years against any extension of the quarry there, due to the environmental and social impacts on the locality.

The Council pointed out that there was evidence of this through the various statements issued, written Objections made and the formal meetings that the Council had held with MEPA on these sensitive matters.

The Council said it “was and still is consistently against illegal development and any development which may impair the environment. As can be noted with the continued and effective opposition that the Council has made over the years against the development of Qala Creek, among others.”

“In this case,” the Council said it “immediately reported to MEPA as soon as it learnt of the illegality.”

The Qala Local Council added that its door is always open to any suggestion or reports for their attention on ways to improve the local environment.

The Council concluded that it “again stresses that MEPA should take immediate action against this illegality.”

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    1. Alan Deidun says:

      Qala quarry revisited in 2011 – for those with a short memory (and with political blinkers on)…….guess who was in government way back in 2011??????????? So its not only now in 2013 that I am writing about the Qala quarry and because there is the PL in government….if only you would care read other media from time to time and not just the media of one political side of the fence only!!!!!

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