Call for Measure 313 – Encouragement of Tourism Activities

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Call for Measure 313 – Encouragement of Tourism ActivitiesThe Managing Authority within the Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, announces that the Gozo Action Group Foundation (GAGF) is launching a call for proposals under Measure 313 of the Rural Development Programme for Malta (2007-2013).

The objective of this measure is to promote economic growth in rural areas and to promote the rural heritage as a tourist product.

Rural areas contribute to the cultural and natural diversity of the Maltese Islands, and offer a unique recreational facility that is much sought after by both locals and foreign tourists.

This is even more so in a country where as a result of the high population density and limited land space, rural areas offer a means of escape and tranquility compared to the stresses and chaotic environment associated with urban centers. Rural villages possess a wealth of cultural and archaeological heritage that gives them a distinct character to the urban and more modern environment.

Rural areas are in fact becoming increasingly popular as a residential destination; however, the employment base of the vast majority of residents of rural localities is still within the urban areas. Therefore, economic activities that maximize the potential of the rural heritage and that capitalize on this heritage for economic purposes are few, if any.

The major issue is therefore not one of a risk of depopulation of the rural areas, but rather of the absence or limited economic activities in these areas, both in terms of number and variety.

The encouragement of rural tourism, in a broad sense including cultural tourism, ecotourism and agri-tourism, would offer support for individual initiatives that build on the traditional, cultural and natural heritage of rural areas.

As a result of the flourishing of such initiatives, the tourism product offered would become more varied and activities in rural areas would diversify into high value added economically sustainable activities. Encouragement of tourism in rural areas would rekindle entrepreneurial activities, lead to diversification, growth and employment in rural areas, and contribute to a better territorial balance.

This measure will address the need for recreation and tourism through the creation of recreational infrastructure, information and interpretation facilities and through the development of and marketing of products that embody the heritage of the Islands and provide rewarding experience and memento to visiting tourists.

The overall effect of the initiatives undertaken through this measure shall create an increased awareness of local rural resources and the need for their conservation, for future generations and for an improvement in the quality of life for all.

The scope of Measure 313 is to promote economic growth and rural heritage as a tourist product in rural areas. Support will be applicable to actions that encourage tourist activities in rural areas in Malta and Gozo directed to making the region more attractive.

The scope of this Measure will cover actions that exploit the context provided by the rural environment itself, and that make use of this environment as a backdrop for the promotion of the rural service or product.

A budget of €200,000.00 is allocated out of which 75% are co-financed by the EU whilst the remaining 25% are co-financed by the Government of Malta. The Managing Authority reserve the right to transfer additional funds to the measure.

Applications must be submitted by hand to the offices of GAGF at at ‘2’, ‘The Mall,’ Triq Gorgio Borg Olivier, Rabat, Gozo from the 30th of August 2013 and will close on the 30th of September 2013 at 12.00pm.

More information may be obtained by phone on 79210816 or send an email to – or

Applications, guidlines and assistance notes are available for download.

The Rural Development Programme for Malta 2007 – 2013 Axis 3 – Improving the Quality of Life in Rural Areas Project is part-financed by the European Union

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Co-financing Rate: 75% European Union, 25% Government of Malta Europe Investing in Rural Areas.

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