• FKNK reacts to comments on autumn hunting season curfew
  • Published on Saturday, 17, August, 2013 at 9:43 in Malta News | No Comments

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    FKNK reacts to comments on autumn hunting season curfewThe Federation for Hunting & Conservation Malta (FKNK) in a statement this morning, pointed out that “BLM’s three proposals above, that is, that the autumn hunting season should not be fixed; that shorter fixed autumn hunting seasons for the turtle dove and the quail should not be imposed; and that a ‘curfew’ should be retained and extended into the first week of October; have all been granted by the Government.”

    The FKNK’s statement, in reaction to BirdLife Malta’s comments on the autumn hunting season dates and curfew, announced by the Government earlier this week continued, “despite the MOC’s recommendations in opposition to BLM’s and notwithstanding this factual situation, BLM have, once again, missed their opportunity to build on the positive; instead, their blinkered abolitionist anti-hunting propaganda ensued.”

    The FKNK said that, “whilst wishing its members a good and safe hunting season, warns them, that its zero-tolerance policy towards poachers is still effective; especially regarding anyone who illegally shoots protected species.”

    “The FKNK is not prepared to accept the fact that anyone who feels to be above the law can continue to tarnish the image of traditional and legal hunting and trapping in the Maltese islands,” it concluded.

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