Nadur Youth Council visit Ramla with youth exchange group

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Nadur Youth Council visit Ramla with youth exchange groupThe Nadur Youth Council are hosting an exchange group of young people from Romania, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

The group, who are visiting on the ‘Green Beyond Borders,’ project, have been involved in many activities over the past week and yesterday they visited Ramla l-Hamra, where they were hosted by the Gaia Foundation.

The group were given an introduction to the ranger work carried out by the Foundation and were given a Sharklab presentation at the Gaia Visitor Centre.

Photographs – Gaia Foundation

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    5 Responses

    1. Vikky says:

      Green Beyond Dorders project, did the Gaia Foundation told the student that few meters away a new cemetery has been build with all the condescension for the future, that are threatening Ramla Coastline and its water??? We recon they didn’t because it is shameful how a beach is going to be ruined with deterioration from dead corpse and, no body has lifted a finger to protected this red sandy bay.

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Vikky, the GAIA foundation is not responsible for the cemetery being built, nor was it relevant to mention it during our talk.

    2. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter I wish them all good time and happy holidays in Ramla Bay Gozo .But all I wish that they were sitting on Sand instead on Rocks . Is that a Shame Ramla Tourists have to sit on ROCKS ,because few Idiots from Malta and Gozo does not know any defence ,how people should be treated . on a Beautiful Beach . WHEN you going to clean Ramla Beach from those Rocks ???????? .You bunch of IDIOTS Prepending you are some good leaders . Get off your asses and do what you suppose to do . . . Walter From Xaghra .

      • Rachel says:

        Hi Walter, I am one of the organizers behind this successful project. Kindly note that we were sitting there not because the beach is full of rocks but rather because it was a really hot day, the sand was hot to sit or stand on, and we wanted some shade so we could have focus all our attention on the talk being given to us by Irene from GAIA.

    3. Ray Grech says:

      How disgruntle are the Gozitans all they want is to show off with the Blue Flag, the leaders of this beach always hiding the bullshit that is coming in the future !!!!!!. Once that corpse start accommodating the fameast graveyard then we have to say BY BY to Ramla Bay

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