Air Malta “regrets ALPA’s inappropriate sabre-rattling”

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Air Malta "regrets ALPA’s inappropriate sabre-rattling"Air Malta said in a statement this evening that it remains committed to discuss all open points with ALPA at management level in a comprehensive and constructive manner. The airline has already offered to meet on Tuesday, the 20th of August.

“However, some open matters cannot be resolved to unrealistic prescribed deadlines from ALPA, but rather need time and co-operation to reach constructive and mutually-agreed outcomes,” the airline said

Air Malta Management said for the record that it “regrets ALPA’s inappropriate sabre-rattling at this time. There is no justification for any threat for an industrial dispute on these issues. Not for the first time, ALPA is threatening a dispute at the height of the summer season, which can only damage Air Malta and the broader tourism industry across the Maltese Islands.”

Peter Davies, CEO of Air Malta, further commented “I cannot allow for the hard work and effort put in by many employees for the ALPA executive to ruin it on the premise of malicious disinformation. The airline, the country and the tourist industry does not deserve these threats. “

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