• Government defends announced times for autumn hunting
  • Published on Tuesday, 13, August, 2013 at 18:39 in Malta News | No Comments

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    Government defends announced times for autumn huntingThe Government said today that it notes the statements made by various organisations regarding the times for the curfew in the autumn hunting season.

    “While this season was never challenged, the Government makes it clear that the details of the season, including the announced times, comply with European regulations and this fact is not disputed by anyone.”

    The Government said it is “consistent in its policy that Maltese hunters should be treated like hunters in other European countries, however, there will be a strict enforcement of regulations, where if any of those rules are broken, not only be will there be fines, that person will also lose their license.

    Photograph from BLM by David Tipling/Nature Picture Library.

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