Marsalforn Bay, a place to relax, unwind and enjoy summer

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Marsalforn Bay, a place to relax, unwind and enjoy summerThe fishing village of Marsalforn is the most popular resort on the island, with something for everyone, a beach to relax and rocks for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. During the summer months the village attracts not only tourists on holiday, but also many Gozitans and Maltese who have their summer property there.Marsalforn Bay, a place to relax, unwind and enjoy summerA popular sight at Marsalforn are the colourful Maltese fishing boats scattered around the bay. The local fisherman are very proud of their boats and you can always find one at the harbour being refurbished or repainted.

The promenade winds its way all around the bay, where until late in the evening people stroll to take in the sights and wonderful views of the sunset. The air is fresh and it is the perfect way to end a hot summer’s day.

Of course, when something even more relaxing is needed to while away some hours, then a spot of fishing off the harbour or the rocks is the perfect choice.

On one of Gozo’s long summer evenings, take a walk from Marsalforn Bay around the promenade to Xwejni, continuing to Wied il-Ghasri, where along the way you will be able to see scores of salt pans that have been dug out of the soft limestone and used for harvesting sea salt as part of a centuries-old Gozitan tradition.

It is also possible during the day to get train rides, which give visitors a wonderful view of the salt pans from above.

During the summer months there is often outside entertainment on the promenade. This weekend the OASI Foundation is presenting its annual open air festival ‘Riflessi Sajfin’ and as always this popular entertainment event will take place at Menqa.

The OASI Foundation is inviting the public to attend, what is sure to be a memorable evening and enjoy the wonderful song and dance performances by the many talented local artists.

It will also give everyone the opportunity to support our talented youngsters, as well as acknowledge the good work undertaken by the OASI Foundation in favour of those youths in difficulty due to substance abuse.

This year’s event, which is the 22nd edition of this festival, takes place on Saturday, the 10th of August, from 7.45pm onwards and will be presented by Kelly Cassar and Joseph Refalo.

Riflessi Sajfin 2013 is guaranteed, good entertainment for all the family, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Photographs by Alain Salvary – Summer days and evenings in Marsalforn.

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    10 Responses

    1. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter \
      Marsalforn It; s beautiful during the day, and during the evening for relaxation , You do not have to catch any fish to have fun ..The air and the smell of the sea is enough to make you relax …I call it Heaven of Gozo . If you really knows how to Live . Gozitan from Xaghra

    2. Alfred Grech says:

      Photo video of a visit to Marsalforn – photos by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech

    3. Alfred Grech says:

      Another visit to nearby Xwejni and Qbajjar:

    4. Walter Sultana says:

      Thank you Alfred and Jasmine Grech for posting these two beautiful videos of my Birth Place where I was raised and had fun when we were Children playing on the beaches of Marsalforn Bay . We thank you Alfred and Jasmine for showing great love for our little island of Gozo , Which I call Paridise for the Gozitans and for everybody else comes to enjoy it .. It was not like that 75 years ago when I was just a young boy coming down the Hill from Xaghra Village with my Bicycle. ,But even then , the children of those days were having fun going to Marsalforn so we have a nice cool swim . . Thank you again Alfred and Jasmine for taking such a beautiful Video of Marsalforn and QBAJJAR … Where I was raised and grew up . . Gozitan from Xaghra living in Mississauga Ontario Canada .. PROSIT to ALFRED @ Jasmine Grech . Walter

    5. Alfred Grech says:

      As a half Gozitan I am madly in love with Gozo and my wife ended up also very fond of our beautiful and tiny island. We visit quite often and Jasmine always takes photos and videos while there. We have many more Youtube videos about Gozo – please search youtube for “jasaf5959 touring gozo”. Thanks Walter and hope to see you again soon. – Alfred

    6. J. Vella says:

      Walter, M’forn is still a bit beautiful to a certain extent but it will not remain for long. It seems to me that it is becoming too commercialised, much like Bugibba and Sliema Ferries. It has now become the Republic of Gozo with restaurant owners taking over the M’forn promenade as you once knew it, and squatting on public land. M’forn is not the idyllic village one used to know in the 60’s. I call the present ‘the downfall of M’forn’, and as of late it has become more of a republic. In quoting one kiosk owner known for his political beliefs: ‘Issa l-gvern taghna’. Little does he know that he is not helping the situation. Fejn hu Austin to stop this madness?

    7. Alfred Grech says:

      Walter, everywhere has changed and will continue to change. What we see today will not be seen in 20 years time. You and I were good looking with lots of hair – now we are ugly and half bald. Austin??? Austin who? If it’s Austin Gatt, he creates more madness :))

    8. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter J VELLA this what Progress does, whether you are in Valletta or Sliema , Busness bring Progress ,and that’s what Gozo needs Money, to bring Marsalforn more modern . Then It’s up to the Government to control the Environment…. You asked me where is Austin Gatt to stop the madness ,This is not madness ..THIS IS the year 2013 ,we not in the year 1949 anymore . When we had Donkeys running on the streets of Marsalforn in my time anyway .. . That’s what PROGRESS bring my friend … People living better . Gozitan from Xaghra .

    9. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter Alfred and his wife Jasmine Grech deserve to be Congratulated from GOZO NEWS ,for the good things they contribute for Gozo by taking beautiful pictures on deferent views on Gozo and are seen by thousands of Maltese and Gozitans from all over the World . Specially from Australia ,Canada ,USA and England . Gozo News should get in contact with Mr Alfred and Jasmine Greeg in Mosta , to really find out what real Gozitans lovers they are, when Gozo News look at the beautiful Pictures that Jasmine took on our beloved Island of Gozo Keep doing your good work Jasmine ,You did great Honour to Malta and Gozo since you became Alfred ‘s Wife . .. We all love you Jasmine ,because you showed us how much you love Malta and specially GOZO > Keep your good Work Alfred and Jasmine . ……………………………..Gozitan from Xaghra …

    10. Alfred Grech says:

      Thank you very much Walter for your kind words. The first time I took Jasmine to Gozo, she instantly fell in love with it. She has thousands of photos of Gozo and many Youtube videos about our island. She also wrote to Times praising or defending Gozo. We also love your village of Xaghra with its magnificent Basilica and also with its Cafe’ Royal where we buy heavenly pastries.

      Ghawdex Ghawdex kemm int sbejjah
      minn kulhadd tnehhi l-pressjoni
      l-aktar l-aktar lilna x-xjuh
      li qeghdin fuq il-pensjoni :))

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