Short Course on ‘Human Impact on the Environment’ in Gozo

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Short Course on 'Human Impact on the Environment' in GozoThe University Gozo Campus will be organising a short course entitled, ‘Human Impact on the Environment.’

The aim of the course is to promote an understanding of the Human Impact on the Environment.

The topics to be covered will include:

• Conservation and Reclamation

• Deforestation and Reforestation

• Urbanisation • Human Population Growth

• Agriculture

• Liquid and Solid Waste

• Pollution • Land Use

• Climate Change

• Ozone Depletion

• Alternative Sources of Energy

The course should be of interest to biology and environmental science students. It should also be beneficial to all those interested in environmental science.

The course will be spread over 9 weekends with lectures being held on Saturday mornings from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.

The Short Course in ‘Human Impact on the Environment,’ will commence on Saturday, the 24th of August 2013.

The application form and more information about this course can be downloaded here.

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