BOV and Education Ministry join forces to combat illiteracy

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BOV and Education Ministry join forces to combat illiteracyThrough its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Bank of Valletta is sponsoring part of the National Literacy Campaign which complements the National Literacy Strategy launched by the Ministry for Education and Employment.

This strategy has both lifelong and life wide dimensions and puts emphasis on ‘intergenerational’ aspects of education, as promoted by UNESCO, which recognise the importance of the role of families and the wider community in raising levels of literacy.

The initial main focus of the BOV-Ministry for Education and Employment collaboration will be on a reading promotion campaign with designated activities involving the use of multimedia and which will seek to spread a culture of reading and increase levels of literacy among children as well as the wider community.

Further collaboration is envisaged throughout the coming years between the BOV and the Ministry for Education and Employment on a number of educational initiatives and projects from which the Maltese society will benefit.

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo, said that he is thankful for the assistance by BOV towards this important initiative. He said that the illiteracy challenge is not one that should be taken up by the education sector only, but rather as a community.

The BOV chairman, Mr John Cassar White, said that the Bank was proud to be actively collaborating with the Ministry for Education and Employment on the national literacy campaign. “The importance of literacy in our society cannot be overemphasized and we all have to work together in an effort to try and eradicate illiteracy.” He said that Bank of Valletta understands that investing in the younger generation is critical to the country’s future economic and social development.

Mr Cassar White added that the Bank invests a lot in education and feels that a collective effort which will lead to effectively raise the levels of literacy amongst the Maltese population is imperative for the wellbeing of our society.

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