Oil procurement: Minister Mizzi should act immediately – AD

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Oil procurement: Minister Mizzi should act immediately - ADIn view of the Auditor General’s report about oil procurement practices between 2008 and 2010, which Minister Conrad Mizzi described as ‘very damning and critical,’ Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola said, “the Minister should call in the police to investigate now and not wait to see if more oil procurement suspicions surface. Scores of millions of taxpayers’ money seem to have been squandered in the past years and, in the name of transparency and accountability, this merits an immediate investigation.”

Ralph Cassar, AD spokesperson on industry, energy and transport, reiterated AD’s position in favour of tangible investment in clean and renewable energy sources. “Our country’s total dependence on oil is neither economically nor environmentally wise. It is clear that there are strong economic interests which will oppose any significant move away from the use of fossil fuels.

“What we need is a clear Government policy which will encourage investment in renewable energy sources, from solar farms to small scale investment in micro wind turbines. What is needed is long term certainty that investment in renewables will yield a good return on investment. Creating green jobs in this sector is the way forward.

“The country will benefit not only by reaching the EU targets but also through the economic benefits of reducing its dependence on the volatile fossil fuel market and also through cleaner air and the generation of less hazardous waste, which also costs money to dispose of properly,” Cassar concluded.

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