MEP Marlene Mizzi in EP high level delegation visiting Abuja

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MEP Marlene Mizzi in EP high level delegation visiting AbujaLabour MEP Marlene Mizzi is currently in, Abuja, Nigeria as part of a high profile delegation from the European Parliament visiting the country – the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. This is Marlene Mizzi’s first international appointment since her election as a Member of the European Parliament earlier this year.

Marlene Mizzi said, “It is a great privilege for me to be representing the European Parliament on such an important delegation. I believe that such meetings are very important in order to foster cooperation and good relationships between the European Union and its African partners.”

The joint ACP-EU delegation that will be meeting in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, will deal with numerous issues such as the challenges posed to Africa by climate change, the development of infrastructure, the improvement of women rights and the fight against terrorism.

The delegation will also be preparing for the annual ACP-EU meeting to be held in November, in Ethiopia , where Marlene Mizzi will be again representing the S&D group as the main spokesperson on the report on ‘South-South and Triangular Cooperation.’

Marlene Mizzi said, “The report on which I am a spokesperson is a clear example of what we want to achieve from such meetings. The European Union must help its African partners to develop the necessary tools for good governance and foster good international cooperation not only with richer countries but also with their neighbours. It is only by having this set up in place that we will be able to sustain any long-term development projects in the area.”

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