Marsalforn has huge potential for yacht marina – Minister

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Marsalforn has huge potential for yacht marina - MinisterThe Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo announced today that the Government has issued an international call for expressions of interest for the building and operation of a cruise liner terminal, as well as a yacht marina in Gozo.

The Minister pointed out that althouth there is no preferred site for the project, proposals for Hondoq Ir-Rummien would not be considered due to the environmental impact. However, he said Marsalforn has huge potential for a yacht marina.

The call was issued on the 28th of June and will close at the end of September this year.

Dr Refalo said that at this time there is only a rarely used mooring point for smaller cruise ships, which is off Xlendi. He said that the buoy, which cost €238,000, had experienced many problems, including its positioning, which it transpired was too close to the coastline. It had also had very little impact on the tourism sector in Gozo.

Dr Refalo explained that the purpose of the project was to attract small to medium sized cruise ships to the sister island. Enquiries had already been received from 12 companies based in Sweden, Spain and Greece, among others.

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    10 Responses

    1. Martin says:

      Now is the time to give Hondoq back where it belongs as a national park .Not as a green integrated community .Hope that no buildind will be allowed at Hondoq.

      SOS hondoq should be happy

    2. Anthoney says:

      Now this will give us more hope that Hondoq will not be touched.

      BUT what still worries a lot of us is what was meant by a green integrated community .Do read the article and all the comments below and see for yourselves

    3. eliza says:

      The people who live in the village of Qala should should stop advertising about their bars that at times have bands and about their Hondoq drum party, etc. All these advertisements are attacting people fom all over the island to come to Hondoq Because of this, there are all these cars and think about it. There is only one road to Hondoq when the cars go down Hondoq. Think off all the pollution that is on this one road to Hondoq and what its doing to all the open fields with crops. So if the villagers from Qala want a clean non polluted Qala they must stop advertising or better yet get rid of these non peaceful functions. Every resident in Qala should be entitled to their peace

      • peter Paul says:

        Eliza can you imagine if it wasn`t for the pressure group sos hondoq you would have more traffic day and night 24/7 because there would be another village down there and as you know they will all have to pass through the narrow streets

        We all want hondoq leaned and plant trees. Minister Refalo pls note

      • Eliza says:

        All the advertisements that Qala promotes is the main cause that cars are lined up for Hondoq.

      • Sammy says:

        Hey Liza have you forgotten the good old Maltese proverb.”l’ghajta nofs l-bejh”
        That is if you are Maltese.
        Bad enough you don’t want new developments around Qala, but to deprive a decent income for established local precints is way out of propotion. Anothet Maltese proverb just for you ” hobzok mahbuz”


      • eliza says:

        People are way ahead of you money wise sucker because they don’t have your greed. People who make the most money in life don’t do it at anothers expense

      • Sammy says:

        I’ll get off the comp and take knitting for a hobby if I where you dear!!


    4. GEORGE says:

      Next move REFUSE HONDOQ `S `APPLICATION .we all have been anxiously waiting for this news .


    5. Alfred & Jasmine Grech says:

      Nispera li ma jibdlux lill-Marsalforn f’port bhal ma hemm l-Imsida li saret qisha parking lot tal-yachts.

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