Nadur delegation to attend the ‘Charter’ annual meeting

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Nadur delegation to attend the 'Charter' annual meetingA delegation from Nadur will be attending the The Charter of European Rural Communities annual meeting of the Project 2013/2014, which is taking place in Samuel, Portugal, between the 25th and the 29th of July.

The Charter of European Rural Communities was started in 1989, when small rural communities, one from each of the countries of the European Union have a bond of friendship, which is registered in the so-called “Charter of European Rural Communities.”

From every member state of the European Union there is one rural community represented in the Charter, Nadur is the representative for Malta and Gozo.

The parish of Samuel in Portugal is one of the twelve that belong to the municipality of Soure. It is situated in the Centre Region of Portugal, Coimbra district. It has an area of 32 km2 and it is constituted by twenty-one small villages along its prevailing forested landscape.

In what concerns density of population, Samuel has about 2000 inhabitants. These people used to dedicate themselves to agriculture, mainly as a means of subsistence. They used to grow oats, wheat, barley, olive trees, grape-vine, corn and rice. Currently, there is still farming activities, but only rice and wine are produced to be sold.

Over the last years, with the decrease of the agricultural activity and with the increasing of other sectors, namely public services, the population was offered other employment opportunities.

Nowadays, the Associação Cultural, Recreativa e Social de Samuel (ACRSS), a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, is one of the biggest employer entities in Samuel, which gives social answers mainly to children and elderly people, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity.

It also develops projects of professional training to active working people and to unemployed ones, which allows them to raise their qualification level, in terms of schooling knowledge and professional training, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. This entity employs more than eighty workers, having also more than twenty co-workers in the professional training courses.

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