FAA gives full support to proposed referendum on hunting

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FAA gives full support to proposed referendum on huntingFlimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar said it joins Ramblers’ Association and Nature Trust in pledging its full support to the proposed referendum to abolish laws permitting Spring Hunting.

FAA said in a statement that it is “also concerned by the constant pressures facing our natural environment. These threats include changes to our rural and urban areas and the loss of urban open spaces with the resultant damaging effect on health and the quality of life of the public.

“The ever-escalating race towards over-development now includes unsustainable high-rise buildings. Furthermore our marine environment and its protected species are threatened by the proposed land reclamation, while unsustainable fishing techniques are endangering species like the tuna and swordfish.”

FAA concluded by saying that it “hopes that this referendum will serve to highlight the constant abuse of nature and the environment in such a way as to make the petition for the abolition of spring hunting the beginning of a national effort to educate and inform the public on its collective responsibility and moral obligation towards safeguarding the environment in all its aspects.”

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