PM has a populist attitude vis-a-vis irregular migration- AD

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PM has a populist attitude vis-a-vis irregular migration- AD“In view of Prime Mnister Muscat’s populist attitude vis-a-vis irregular migration,” Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said, “Muscat’s macho attitude is good for certain banana republics but not for civilised countries. If the Prime Minister had the proverbial attributes he should have shown his great courage in the past by telling Gaddafi to his face that he was a brutal dictator, rather than remaining silent, meek and subservient.

“While it is good to show that Malta should be treated with respect, Prime Minister Muscat should realise that threatening to send back irregular migrants to Libya is a no go area,”

Prof. Cassola stated, “the pushback policy not only goes against basic human rights but also with Libya not having signed and ratified the Geneva Convention on refugees it is not a safe country where people can be sent back to. Malta should insist with the EU on the concepts of responsibility sharing, solidarity in practice and the revision of the Dublin Convention.”

Spokesperson for Social Policy Robert Callus said, “by being alarmist on immigration Joseph Muscat may increase support for his party in the short run at the risk of fanning flames that may unleash dangerous extremism.

“When mainstream politicians in other countries talked in manners quite similar to the far right, such extremism grew. A case in point is Greece where immigrants, gays, left leaning politicians and critical journalists can no longer walk the streets safely following the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.”

“Besides, while the motto of being strong with the politicians but not with the immigrants is good in principle, Muscat contradicts himself when he states he does not exclude push back to Libya. Needless to say, it will be the immigrants who drown, get maltreated in a Libyan jail or left to perish in the desert, not politicians.”

Photograph – AFM file photo.

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      Australia failed when this push back policy was tried some years ago. They sabotaged their boats, jumped overboard, tried every trick imaginable leaving the navy no option but to pick them up. About twelve thousand made their way to Christmas Island last year.


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