New Rapid Intervention Unit as part of Police Force Reform

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New Rapid Intervention Unit as part of the force's reformAs part of the Police Force’s reform, it was decided that what was needed was an amalgamation of the Mobile Squad and Special Assignment Group in order to provide a better service.

The aim of this new unit, which will be named the Rapid Intervention Unit, and will remain constantly on patrol with the primary function of preventing crime. The unit will also be equipped with the tools and trained personnel required to intervene in any situation, ranging from armed robberies to riots.

In order for this to be achieved, the different shifts worked by the two squads were revised in order to introduce a new one, better suited to the unit. During this revision, several aspects were taken in consideration, amongst them the time of rest between the end and start of each tour of duty, which will now be increased.

This new shift will also include the required time to continuously train the unit’s members in several specialised fields.

This introduction will also serve to increase the number of police vehicles on the streets in order to reduce the time taken to respond to calls.

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