Fireworks for Gozo will no longer all be unloaded at Hondoq

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Fireworks for Gozo will no longer all be unloaded at HondoqThe Mayor of Qala, Clint Camilleri has advised this afternoon that the Police Commissioner has now confirmed “that fireworks being transported to Gozo will no longer all be unloaded at Hondoq Bay and that other bays and ports are to be used as well.”

The Mayor also said that he would like to thank all of his fellow councillors for their work and support, especially on this issue of the transportation of fireworks.

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    14 Responses

    1. Martin says:

      Who was involved in all of this was it Paul Buttigieg?Well done to Pawlu

    2. Anthoney says:

      As I said before Well done to the two Paul Buttigieg who truly love Qala and always work from their hearts for Qala.

    3. Gozitan says:

      Its only the Vice Mayor of Qala Mr. Paul Butigieg who did all this work and for this hard work the is light at the end of the tunnel. Why is now that only the Mayor of Qala is being mentioned like if only he do all the hard work when only he do nothing?? I’m afraid that for the Hard work made by the Vice Mayor Mr. Paul Butigieg and by the Ex-Mayor Mr. Paul Butigieg about the Qala Creek will be mentioned only the Mayor Mr. Clint Camilleri when in the past time he didn’t gave any answer for the questions being asked directly to him about this project. It seemed that he was in favor of the project.

    4. peter Paul says:

      I did follow what Mr Buttigieg did for a long time .He is a true gentlemen and achieves what he truly believes in .Well done for this fireworks result.

      Let`s hope it will be another positive outcome on Hondoq as well

      Thanks for your dedication

    5. David says:

      Prosit Paul, izda jista xi jadd jghidli li meta ingibu n-nar ghal San Gorg taghna fejn ser inhottuh?

    6. Carl says:

      How come the major always pipes up at the last minute when all the hard work has been done? Just like he piped up the day before the result of the hondoq appeal was announced. Where was his voice before that?

    7. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Let’s not forget that once again this came about mainly through the efforts of the Deputy Mayor Pawlu Buttigieg. Well done Paul for this and all the hard work you do to make Qala a better and a safer place for all. And let’s not forget that behind every good man is a good woman so well done to Carmen too as she works just as hard as Paul on these issues.

    8. Winfried Hohmann says:

      A first class news. Thank you all people are being involved.

    9. Sammy says:

      Your police commissioner is another fool. By shifting the problem from A to B the risks and danger are still obvious. It is unbelievable that people die every single year and you don`t wake up to it. SO STUBBORN.
      The one and only solution is to ban all kinds of fire works, no ifs no buts.
      The thousands of euros donated can easily be spent on worthy causes every year, need not name any. Show your christian values the best way you can.


    10. Joseph Schembri says:

      Prosit Paul ghal dan is-success. Fl-opinjoni tieghi, jekk jinataw aktar permessi biex f’Ghawdex ikun hawn bizzejjed kmamar tan-nar, li jahdmu skond ir-regolamenti, ma jkunx hemm ghalfejn jingieb loghob tan-nar min Malta.

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