MEP Roberta Metsola promises to make Gozo’s voice heard

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MEP Roberta Metsola promises to make Gozo’s voice heard“Gozo needs to have a physical representation in the EU. This will help the island to glean more knowledge of what is happening in Brussels and will help maximize the potential offered by the region of Gozo. Gozo has more to get and more to give out of EU membership.”

As part of her regular meetings with Gozitan NGOs and civil society, Dr. Roberta Metsola met with the Gozo Tourism Association and the Gozo Business chamber, to discuss those concerns that are most relevant for Gozo’s businesses and families.

“The interests of the Gozo must be better represented at EU level,” said Roberta Metsola, Member of the European Parliament from Malta.

“As an MEP from both Malta and Gozo, I will work to ensure that Gozo’s interests are always best represented.”

During the meeting with Gozitan stakeholders, Roberta Metsola also discussed the projects implemented as a result of the EU funding, saying that, “Over the past 7 years, EU funding has been put to work to improve Gozo’s infrastructure, its tourism sector, its potential of its human resources and the Gozitan environment.

“The construction of the TEN-T road from the Mgarr Ferry terminal to Victoria, the reconstruction of the capital’s citadel, the upgrading of the hospital’s operating theatre, the installation of photovoltaic panes and the training and higher education courses, were all implemented as a result of EU funding. Nonetheless, the additional 1.12billion Euros worth of funding negotiated by then Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, needs to be fully utilised to ensure that the needs of the people of Gozo are met.”

On the issue of accessibility to and from Gozo, Roberta Metsola emphasised that a permanent link between the two islands would be the most beneficial outcome and would serve to decrease the double insularity faced by Gozo. However, she underlined that any solution must be feasible and not simply pie in the sky, adding that “certainly blindly accepting a free offer for a feasibility study from a Chinese Government Company that has been blacklisted is not the best way forward.”

Other topics were discussed included the creation of agri-tourism initiatives, the setting up of a Gozo regional office of statistics, operating fees for Gozo’s industries and the establishing of child care centers.

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    1. Eliza says:

      All your going to do by doing this is attract twice as much traffic and twice as much pollution to Gozo.

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